Hardware, Software, & Printing

Resources for requesting and using hardware, software, and printing systems. Some examples include buying a new department computer, requesting and installing Adobe software, or connecting to a printer on campus, among many other services.

Articles (23)

Faculty/Staff Printing - Connect to a Network Printer on Taboo

This article contains instructions for any Binghamton University faculty or staff member that would like to connect their Windows or Mac computer to a network printer that ITS manages on the Taboo (\\taboo.bu.binghamton.edu) print server.

How do I access BingView?

Instructions for accessing BingView, Binghamton University's Virtual Desktop environment.

How to access Zoom

Ways to access your Binghamton Zoom Account

Microsoft Office 365 Access

Instructions for downloading Microsoft Office 365.

Purchasing Computers with University Funds

This article covers how to purchase a computer with University funds.

Qualtrics Support

How to directly contact Qualtrics for support.

Student Computer Recommendations

Information for Binghamton University students about purchasing a personal computer, including minimum and recommended specifications.

VMWare on MAC Issue

Steps to take on resolving Keyboard and Mouse input not being recognized in VMWare on MacOS.

Zoom only displays basic features

Permissions are limited if your account is not associated with the Binghamton License.
You may be unable to be made an alternative host or create longer meetings.