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Binghamton University ITS does not have in-depth expertise regarding the Qualtrics platform. ITS can assist with general issues relating to accounts / permissions, but questions regarding the inner working of the Qualtrics platform including assistance with specific features, bugs, and other quirks should be submitted directly to Qualtrics support.

You can contact Qualtrics support by following the steps below:

Visit: https://www.qualtrics.com/support/


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Click "Sign in with SSO"

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Type "binghamton" (all one word -- lowercase) and click "Continue"

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Log in normally with your Binghamton University "username", "password", and 2FA credentials.

Click the "Contact Support" button at the top of the page

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Select the Qualtrics tool you are using (Generally "Survey Platform")

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Select a way to contact support (Generally a "Phone Call" or "Live Chat")

From here, you should be able to get real-time support relating to your specific inquiry.


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