Service Catalog

Categories (8)

Administrative & Business

Enterprise and local services that support the administrative and business functions of the University. Includes Banner, analytics, business intelligence...

Communication & Collaboration

IT services that facilitate institutional communication and collaboration needs. Includes e-mail, calendaring, telephony, web conferencing, etc.

Desktop & Mobile Computing

Services related to desktop computers, laptop computers, hardware lifecycle, Printing, Software Distribution, and Loaner Equipment.

Information Security

Services relating to account and information security, data integrity, IT policy and compliance, IT security education, and endpoint computer protection.

Infrastructure & Systems

Networking, Wifi, VPN, Servers, etc. troubleshooting and requests.

IT Professional Services

Services provided by the people in ITS that support the organization. Includes enterprise architecture, innovation, accessibility, communication and documentation, portfolio and project management, and training and outreach.


ITS provides researchers storage, computing, and software solutions.

Teaching & Learning

Get help with teaching and learning technology such as Brightspace, physical computer lab access, setting up classroom technology, and class grading and polling, among others.