Zoom only displays basic features

Basic Features- limited permissions

This typically happens if the person with the Binghamton email address has not yet signed into https://binghamton.zoom.us and successfully joined the Binghamton University Zoom license. The person may have been successfully signing into Zoom using their Binghamton email address and a password set through Zoom. This issue may only affect their use of Zoom when they need to be made an alternative host, they need the ability to schedule longer meetings, or someone is trying to email them from Zoom.
To resolve the problem, the person will need to sign completely out of Zoom, close all of their browsers and log back into the website https://binghamton.zoom.us using the CAS single sign-on system (select the option for Sign in with SSO). Once the sign-on is completed, a confirmation will appear that Zoom requests confirmation for the account to be added to the Binghamton University Zoom license.