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Support for your Binghamton University email (Bmail) address, calendar, chat, and other associated Google services, along with the software that helps access those services (i.e. Microsoft Outlook).

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Google Apps

Knowledge Articles for Google Groups, Google Calendars, and other Google Apps

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Google 2-Step Verification - First-Time Setup and Managing Devices

This article provides step-by-step instructions for enabling Google 2-Step Verification on a person's Bmail address, and managing devices later on.

Google 2-Step Verification - International Travel Recommendations

This article provides Google 2-Step Verification information and options for international travelers to avoid getting locked out of their Bmail address.

Install Google Workspace Sync for Outlook

Install Google Workspace Sync for Outlook

OneDrive - Download OneDrive Data

Instructions for downloading folders and files from a Binghamton University Microsoft OneDrive account.