How to check that you have successfully enrolled in Google 2-Step Verification


Binghamton University requires 2-Step Verification for Binghamton email (Google Workspace) accounts. For detailed instructions for setting up your 2-Step Verification, please follow these instructions:

If you are not sure if you have successfully enrolled in Google 2-Step Verification, here is a way to check:

Access "Manage your Google Account"

Access your Google Account at or by clicking on the circle with your photo or initial in the upper right corner of the screen where you check your mail and select "Manage Your Google Account". If you need to log in, make sure to log in with your address. You can verify that you are in the correct account by clicking the circle icon with your initial or profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen. If you are logged into multiple Google Accounts, you may need to select the Binghamton account from the menu.

Select the "Security" heading on the left from a computer or across the top on a mobile device. - Security

Scroll down to the section with the heading "Signing into Google" and make sure that 2-Step Verification is set to "On". If it is set to "Off" click on "2-Step Verification" and turn it "On". Google will ask you to either receive a prompt on a device or enter a phone number to receive a voice call or text message to complete the enrollment.

Here is a screen shot of the Google Account settings screen on a mobile device:

If during any of these steps, you are asked to log in and see this message:

"Google Couldn't Sign you in. Your sign-in settings don’t meet your organization’s 2-Step Verification policy. Contact your admin for more info."

That means that you did not enroll in 2-Step Verification and you will need to contact the Information Technology Services Help Desk for assistance getting signed into your account. Their contact information is available here:

Please note that Google 2-Step Verification is separate from the Two-Factor Authentication that is required for the CAS (Central Authentication Service) Single-Sign-On for systems such as, Brightspace, and other CAS login systems. The Google 2-Step Verification just applies to logins for Google Workspace apps including your email and is set up through your Google Account settings.

If you only access your Binghamton email from one device such as a phone, you may not see the prompt for the 2-Step Verification until you need to access your account from another device or service.

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