Transfer Google Account messages or content

To transfer your messages and or Google Drive content to another Google account, sign into using the account you want to Transfer from, click on the Binghamton University logo in the upper right corner of the screen and select Manage Your Google Account

From the Home Screen, you can select Transfer your Content to begin the process.

Transfer your content

You will need to verify that you own the Gmail account by receiving a code and entering it in the form. Once you have verified with the code, you can select to transfer either messages or drive content or both.

You will receive an email message in your Binghamton email account that the Transfer has started and that it will take up to a week to complete.

Messages that are transferred are under a label that contains your Binghamton University email address. Drive files will be in a folder named with your Binghamton University email address.

If there is any error with transferring any files, you can view the files that did not transfer by returning to the Transfer your content window in your Binghamton email account and clicking on Start Transfer and then clicking on View History. Any files that were not transferred will be listed in the history.

If you want to download the content to a file that can be imported to another account or service, select Data & Privacy from the left side menu and select Download or Delete your data then Download your data:

Depending on how many messages and how much content you have this could take several hours or days to complete.

Full instructions including the file types that are created are available in the instructions for Google Takeout:


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