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Ivanti Secure Access Client (formerly Pulse Secure VPN client) - Overview

Domain password and One Time Password (OTP). Once it is connected, you will be able to access campus resources from your computer. Once the connection is added, you can connect either by

Using Google Drive App in the Binghamton Public Computing Labs (Windows)

Drive to search for the application Click on the Google Drive icon to start the Application and logon Log on using your Binghamton University email address, password and 2-Step Verification The

Apple Mail App on iPhone or iPad does not receive new messages after 2-Step Verification enabled

Overview The iOS Mail App (the blue icon with the white envelope) displays a password error or just stops receiving messages after setting up 2-Step Verification for Binghamton University

Google 2-Step Verification - First-Time Setup and Managing Devices

Binghamton University Bmail addresses - that significantly helps prohibit unauthorized people from accessing a Bmail address. Even if someone, somehow has your Bmail password, they won’t be able to log in to

Connecting smart TVs, game consoles, smart speakers, streaming media devices, etc. to the network

 eduroam to connect. Clients can log into MyDevices using their Binghamton University Computer Account (BU) user id and password. To register a device click on the Add Button. Next enter

How do I access BingView?

the Domain. Use your Binghamton University UserID, your Bing OTP (first) and then  your Password to access BingView and to log into the virtual machine.  Select the

Qualtrics Support

" Log in normally with your Binghamton University "username", "password", and 2FA credentials. Click the "Contact Support" button at the top of the page Select the Qualtrics tool you are

Connect to BingWEB using a CMD|Terminal Window

. ssh <username>   You will be prompted for your BU password (as used for Pulse and/or CAS).   This is a text only environment, one you will often find in

Minitab Installation for Windows and your password and click Submit.     You will then be prompted for your One Time Password which you can get from the Google Authenticator App where you have set up your Two-Factor

Google 2-Step Verification - International Travel Recommendations

Your password for your Bmail address should be the same password that you use to log in to other Binghamton University websites (i.e., BU Brain, etc...). If you’d like help with

Zoom only displays basic features

Binghamton University Zoom license. The person may have been successfully signing into Zoom using their Binghamton email address and a password set through Zoom. This issue may only affect their use of Zoom

Make Me Admin

.   Administrator mode is only needed to start the installation of software.  The installation will continue even after the Administrator mode ends. You will need to enter your BU user name and password

Firewall Management

detection software, patch management, strong passwords/passphrases, and spyware detection utilities. Binghamton University uses a firewall that incorporates several strategies to increase the safety of

Microsoft Office 365 Access and your Binghamton University password. Click, "Install apps," and then "Microsoft 365 apps."   A3 Download and Install For iOS and Android: Download from your app store

OneDrive - Download OneDrive Data

/   Sign in with your Bmail address and password. If you're asked to "Stay signed in?" make any selections you prefer (this does not impact downloading data