Using Google Drive App in the Binghamton Public Computing Labs (Windows)

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The Google Drive App is on the public computers in the Binghamton Public Computer Labs and Classrooms.  This leverages the storage for Binghamton University students on Google.  The Drive app maps the Google disk space as Drive G: and provides access from any web connected device.

To start the Google Drive App:

  1. Click Start (Microsoft Logo, lower left corner)
  2. In search bar type Google Drive to search for the application
  3. Click on the Google Drive icon to start the Application and logon
  4. Log on using your Binghamton University email address, password and 2-Step Verification
  5. The Google drive will be connected as the G: drive
  6. The Google Drive File icon will show in the system tray and give access to the drive settings

Users should be sure to log out of Google Drive when logging off the computer to protect your files and information.

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