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Computer Labs

locations in which to work. All computers in the labs  require your Binghamton Username and Password to log in. Once you've logged in, you will be able to connect to your network storage accounts

Computer Hardware Recycling (E-Waste)

-deployment, it will be recycled in a secure and environmentally safe manner at a secure facility where all hard drives and cell phones are destroyed. All other items are recycled according to NYS

Transfer Google Account messages or content

To transfer your messages and or Google Drive content to another Google account, sign into using the account you want to Transfer from, click on the Binghamton University

Microsoft Office 365 Access

on personal computers and devices. Access to this license will be available until  a student graduates, or when a faculty or staff member leaves the university, with the exception of emeritus faculty

Data Center Services

Service Description Information Technology Services maintains data centers at two separate locations that house servers and networking equipment with redundant systems for power, data, and cooling

Ivanti Secure Access Client (formerly Pulse Secure VPN client) - Overview

Overview VPN software allows access to campus-only resources from off-campus locations. The website allows bookmarks to campus-only resources directly through the web

Activity Monitoring

Ongoing or short term network, device, and/or application monitoring and logging. ... Service Description The ITS Information Security (Info Sec) Office provides network, device, and application logging and monitoring services for security alerting and investigative purposes

Security Activity Monitoring & Analysis

Network, device, and application activity logging, monitoring, and analysis for security purposes. ... Service Description The ITS Information Security (InfoSec) Office provides network, device, and application logging and monitoring services for security purposes through various in-house and

How do I access BingView?

: NOTE:  To access BingView from the student network, or from Off-Campus, users must first connect to the Pulse Secure VPN. Go to Select "Install VMware


SAS Visual Analytics allows departments to report on University data ... Service Description SAS is a state of the art Business Intelligence platform for building custom reporting dashboards that support data-driven decision making. Information Technology Services’s


Service Description Spectrum University Live TV Streaming (SpectrumU) is available to all students living in residence halls on campus. 200+ channels can be streamed wirelessly on devices such

Restore U Share Data


VPN - Install/Upgrade Ivanti Secure Access (Formerly Pulse Secure) and Connect to the VPN

computer resources (i.e. a department's shared network drive, an H drive, a U drive, Banner, etc...) from anywhere outside of the Binghamton University campus. Connecting to the VPN, in essence, makes a

Managing File & Folder Permissions for Research Storage

permissions that a certain group or individual user has to a file or folder. For example, you can designate a special folder on the W: drive within your department's area called "Incoming" as a place where

Department Print Queue Creation

Departments can request a print queue for their network printer. ... network