Computer Hardware Recycling (E-Waste)

Service Description

Information Technology Services offers a campus wide electronic waste (e-Waste) recycling program that is available to all Binghamton University Faculty and Staff during core business hours. ITS recycles desktops, laptops, monitors, servers, cables, keyboards, printers, copiers, audio speakers, communications equipment (basically any electronic device – see exceptions listed below). All recycling of e-Waste complies with NYS recycling guidelines and is done in coordination with the EH&S and the University Property Control Office.

Physical Facilities or Departmental staff members deliver e-Waste items to the Technology Hub. Once received, ITS staff determines if the e-Waste can be redeployed for use on campus or it if is to be recycled. For equipment that is deemed worth re-using, all precautions are taken to ensure that all prior owner data is deleted/erased and the hard drive(s) are reformatted. If it is determined that the equipment is not worthy of re-deployment, it will be recycled in a secure and environmentally safe manner at a secure facility where all hard drives and cell phones are destroyed. All other items are recycled according to NYS recycling guidelines or are reconditioned by the recycler.

All users are responsible for REMOVING PERSONAL DATA BEFORE computers are delivered to the Technology Hub.

Once an item has been identified for e-Waste recycling, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Save all electronic data for your records, and please review Policy No. 302 before you do anything.
  2. Complete Property Control Form A.
  3. Any items that might be considered lab equipment or potentially containing harmful material must be recycled according to EHS procedures. These procedures can be found at the following link. Due to the Federal and State recycling regulations associated with this type of equipment, ITS cannot accept any equipment from labs or that might potentially contain harmful material until this procedure is fully followed and completed.
  4. Either deliver e-Waste to the Technology Hub, Room TH G01, or complete a "Service Request" to Physical Facilities requesting pickup and delivery of e-Waste to TH G01. If you have any questions for Physical Facilities, call their Customer Service desk (607-777-2226) or send an e-mail to

    If you are going to deliver items for recycling ITS yourself, please Submit a Request to set up a time to deliver it. Do not leave items in the hall by TH G01 or TH G03, it is against Fire Marshall's rules and can constitute a safety hazard.

  5. ITS Staff evaluates e-Waste for continued use by the University. For items that still have a useful service life, ITS redeploys the devices for University use. All items deemed beyond useful service life are recycled.
  6. All recycled items are palletized and shipped to a local NYS approved recycler for proper processing and destruction. All e-Waste from the University is properly destroyed and recycled.


  • Faculty 
  • Staff


  • Technology Hub (By Appointment Only)

Equipment Accepted for Recycling

  • Must be Binghamton University/state property - We can not accept personal items
  • Must be fairly clean, no leaking fluids, or broken glass
  • PCs, towers, laptops, desktops
  • Monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers, microphones, headsets, external disk and tape drives
  • Printers and copiers
  • Faxes, scanners, power supplies, cables, pda's, cd/dvd/dvr drives, vcr's, radios, clocks, overhead projectors, movie projectors, tape recorders, record players, TV's, typewriters, test equipment, oscilloscopes, volt meters, loose computer boards, answering machines are accepted. All campus phones must be returned to the Telecommunications Office, LNG-216.

Equipment NOT Accepted

  • Refrigerators, kitchen items (to include microwaves and coffee makers), air conditioners, electric motors, lights and glass items.
  • Loose batteries must be recycled using the bins located throughout the campus.
  • See: drop off locations.
  • Loose toner/Ink cartridges must be recycled using the bins located throughout the campus. See: drop off locations.


Contact the ITS Help Desk at (607) 777-6420 or Submit a Request for additional assistance. 



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