2FA - Setting up the Step Two App (Mac Computers Only)


Step Two is an application that installs on your Mac OS device and produces a 6-digit code for you to use in Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). 

Setting Up the Step Two App

  1. Visit https://steptwo.app/ to download the desktop application

  1. Open Step Two
  2. Click the Plus (+) arrow in the top-right corner
  3. Click Set up Account Manually

  1. Go to https://password.binghamton.edu/
  2. Select the I don't know my second factor one-time-password (OTP) option, then click Submit
  3. Enter your username

  1. From the dropdown provided, select an email address or phone number to which you would like your Security Code sent.

  1. Check the email address or the phone number you selected in the previous step, and look for an email or SMS text message with a 6-digit One-Time Security Code

  1. Enter the 6-digit Security Code received in the previous step into the space provided.
  2. You have now successfully authenticated into the password portal.
  3. Select the Create New Token button.

*You DO NOT need to change your password to create a token.

  1. Fill out the form
    1. Select Default (Authenticator App)
    2. Select your device
    3. Add Date of Birth (Format: MM/DD/YYYY) *Must include slashes
  2. Click Submit
  3. Copy the text under the QR Code to your clipboard.

  1. Enter the following information
    1. In the Secret Key field, paste the text from the previous step

(Note Don't have the the screen below? Click the Plus (+) arrow in the top-right corner and click Set up Account Manually)

  1. In the Account Name field, put a name to label your 2FA token
  2. In the Email Address or Username field, enter your username

  1. You can now generate six-digit codes for your One-Time Password (OTP)

  1. Enter the six (6) digit code on the app into the space below the QR Code

If you would like assistance, please feel free to contact the Binghamton University ITS Help Desk at 607-777-6420 or Submit a Request, and we'll be happy to help.

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