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Polling & Surveys (Qualtrics)

Binghamton University provides Qualtrics for Polling and Surveys. ... Students Location(s) Web based, Training & Support Training The University Center for Training & Development provides training sessions for Qualtrics

Virtual Reality

! Who can use the VR Systems? Any Binghamton University students, staff and faculty may use the VR systems. The first time you visit to use a VR system and ETS member will run you through a brief training session.

3D Printing

detailed part. Who can use the 3D Printers? All Binghamton University students, staff and faculty may use the 3D printers. How does 3D printing work? It all starts with a virtual 3D

Bulk add Listserv Subscribers

Create a text file with a list of email addresses and names for the students you want to subscribe to your list. If you have an Excel file, the list must have just email addresses in the first column

VPN - Install/Upgrade Ivanti Secure Access (Formerly Pulse Secure) and Connect to the VPN

Learn how to download and install Ivanti Secure Access (formerly Pulse Secure), then connect to the Binghamton University VPN. ... Overview This article contains instructions for any Binghamton University faculty, staff, or students that would like to connect to the Binghamton University VPN using the Ivanti Secure Access

Ivanti Secure Access Client (formerly Pulse Secure VPN client) - Overview

formerly called Pulse Secure. The branding has changed, but the settings remain the same). Binghamton University SSL VPN requires two-factor authentication in order to login. See these

Download Google Content Using Google Takeout

Google Takeout is available for Binghamton University Google Workspace users who would like to download their Google content either as a backup or to preserve content before losing access to their account or a service. ... program installation is necessary. You should make note of the storage requirements for the content you are downloading to make sure you have enough hard drive space to download and extract your files

Google Groups- How to Create a Google Group

ITS recommends creating a Google Group to efficiently manage sending messages to your group, department, class or organization. Google Groups require an owner with a Binghamton University email

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BUBrain (Banner SSB)

Reserve Computer Lab

ITS Computer Labs can be reserved for classes and special events through BThere.

Google Calendar

Students, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and retirees receive Google Calendar.


Students, faculty, staff, alumni and retirees receive Gmail.

ResCon Assistance

Students living in the Residence Halls can request technical assistance from one of our ResCons.