Personal Device Repair

Service Description

Personal device repair is provided to you through Information Technology Services (ITS) as a service provided by Binghamton University's technology fee. The terms of this service include abiding by the Binghamton University Computer and Network Policy found here:

Students that reside in the Residence Halls should obtain assistance from their ResCon. Information Technology Services Help Desk will open a Ticket and assign it to the appropriate ResCon.

If your device is under a manufacturer’s warranty, please contact the manufacturer’s support online or by phone about any issues. The ITS Help Desk will not assist you with any action that could void the warranty.

The Help Desk does not assist with desktop computers at the counter. If your laptop or mobile device is University owned, we can help with quick issues. Anything more extensive including initial setup and malware/virus removal will be assigned to our Desktop Support group in ITS.


  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students


  • ITS Help Desk in the Technology Hub

Release agreement

  • Before the Help Desk can do work on the device,  the user must accept a "hold harmless" release agreement, per University policy.

    Submitting this request records your acceptance of that agreement, and is required before ITS Help Desk can work on your personal equipment. By accepting support from Information Technology Services Help Desk staff I understand that:

    • Information Technology Services Help Desk does not provide hardware support. For hardware support I am responsible for bringing the device to an outside vendor for repair.
    • If I do not opt to take my device to an outside vendor for repair, ITS is not responsible for any hardware failure that may occur while the machine is in our possession. I waive all claims against Information Technology Services and its employees for any damages to my computer system or data.
    • Information Technology Services Help Desk is not responsible for any lost documents or software that may result from their rendered services. Therefore, it is my responsibility to backup all data of importance to me prior to bringing my laptop to Information Technology Services Help Desk.
    • I waive any privacy rights in data or files on my laptop that are accessed in regard to the service provided by Information Technology Services.
    • If an Information Technology Services employee sees anything illegal on my laptop, they may be required to report their findings to their supervisor and the proper authorities.
    • Information Technology Services will not support unlicensed versions of software. If I am running an illegal version of my operating system, Information Technology Services will not provide me with support. I am responsible for providing the licensed operating system media if required.
    • Information Technology Services will attempt to restore my device. If they determine that restoration is not feasible, I am responsible for bringing the machine to an outside vendor for repair.
    • Support is given on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • ITS recommends I remain with my device while it is being worked on. If the repair will take some time to complete, I will notify the Help Desk consultant if I would like to return later to pick up the device. Before leaving I will provide the power adapter, the administrator or login password, and a contact phone number. If additional information is needed and I cannot be reached, this may delay completion of the work.

      I will pick up my laptop before the Help Desk scheduled closing time. ITS will not be held responsible for laptops left at the Help Desk after the office is closed.


Contact the ITS Help Desk at (607) 777-6420 or Submit a Request for additional assistance. 



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Service Offerings (2)

ResCon Assistance
Students living in the Residence Halls can request technical assistance from one of our ResCons.