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Password Assistance

Alumni lifetime email claim/reset password

password ... Overview Alumni email account requests and password resets are handled through the Alumni Office. To request a Binghamton University Alumni email account    Go to the Binghamton

How to Reset Your Binghamton University Password(s)

password ... Go to (or select "I don't know my password" from Type your Binghamton University username in the "Username" box

Printable codes for CAS 2FA One-Time-Password

available. After you set up your authenticator app option, you can return to the Password Portal and create a set of printable One-Time-Passwords. Follow these steps to create a list of 10 One-Time

Setting up an email backup option for CAS 2FA

Edge to use this option. Follow these instructions to set up the email backup option for 2FA: Once you have completed your 2FA for CAS setup using the Authenticator App, return to the Password

Forget Saved Settings in Pulse Secure VPN Client

If you have saved your password selection in the Pulse Secure VPN app and need to change your saved password or if you are seeing this error when trying to connect: here is how to update the

Send Mail As Binghamton email address from Google after 2-Step Verification enabled

Overview When 2-Step Verification is enabled for your Binghamton University email account, you will need an App Password to use the Send Mail As setting within a Gmail account. Google

Compromised Accounts

 misuse, and acts to disable access or functionality on the account to stop further unauthorized access. In either case, to regain access to the account, you can reset the password at our self

Add or remove Listserv Owners

List owner and your Listserv password. If you don't have a Listserv password or if you don't remember it, click the link for "Get a new Listserv password", then follow the instructions to create and

Add or Delete Listserv Subscribers

. If you do not have a Listserv password, select the link to “get a new Listserv password” and Listserv will register a password you select and confirm it by sending it to the owner’s email address

Zoom: Sign in with email address

be used for sign on. There is an option available to use the email address (Zoom password) instead of the SSO login. If this is a new email address, you will have to request that the administrator

How to map network drives on Windows (H Drive, S Drive, or Encrypted Research Storage)

domain account on the PC, Check the box to "Connect using different credentials" and type BU\username (example, BU\jsuny) in the user name field and your BU password in the password field and then click

Setup WIFI on ChromeBook devices

the right username and password are used. Then click on download. This will download the .onc file. Next switch to the network tab.   Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and

Microsoft Office 365 Access

 University password. For iOS and Android: Download from your app store iOS: Word, Excel, PowerPoint Android: Word, Excel, PowerPoint Sign in with your Binghamton University

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Service Description Single sign-on (SSO) is a technology that lets an individual log on to multiple websites using the same username and password. Information Technology Services (ITS) provides