How to Reset Your Binghamton University Password(s)

  1. Go to (or select "I don't know my password" from
  2. Type your Binghamton University username in the "Username" box.

           NOTE: In the example below, "jsuny1" is the example username. Be sure to enter your own username. Click Submit.

  1. The "Contacts" box will display your alternate email or wireless phone number on file with Binghamton University. Click on the arrow on the right side of the box to see all of your contact options.
  2. Select your preferred contact and click the "Request Security Code" button.

            NOTE: If none of the contacts are valid, select the "I Can't Access These Contacts" button and follow the instructions for reaching out to the Help Desk for assistance. Call or email the Help Desk (607-777-6420 or as instructed if no Contacts are listed for you. 

  1.  Check your phone or email for the Security Code and enter it in the box provided on the password web page and click Submit.

             NOTE: If you choose the email option, but you don't receive an email message in your inbox, please be sure to check any junk/spam folders. 

  1. You are now logged in and can create and confirm a new password. Do not reuse passwords. The password must contain at least 12 characters - not more than 3 sequential identical characters (example: "aaaa").  Click Submit.

              NOTE: If you create a password that matches a known compromised password, you will be required to create a secure password instead.

  1. The page will display the results of the password reset. Only the systems applicable to your role with the University will indicate "Success". Faculty, staff and students should see BU and Google account success messages. Applicants will only see a successful result for BU because they do not have a Google account. Retirees, and Alumni will only see Google because they do not have a BU account.
  2.  You're all set to use your new password!

             NOTE: If you are an active faculty, staff, student you will also have to setup your two factor authentication (2FA) to gain access to many Binghamton University systems. You can do this after you set your password by clicking the Configure 2FA at the upper right corner.

NOTE: Before you start this process, look at our 2FA information here and make sure you have either downloaded the Google Authenticator App or Authy App to your mobile device or installed the browser plugin equivalent.

If you are done updating your password, be sure to click "Log out" in the upper right corner, especially on a shared or
public computer.

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