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Add or remove Listserv Owners

listserv ... Overview Listserv Owners can add new owners or remove owners on their Lists by logging on to If you are not on campus, the Listserv website requires connecting to

Bulk add Listserv Subscribers

add ... Subscriber Management and select the Bulk Operations tab. Select the appropriate function either just add or to replace the whole list with your new file, choose Remove all subscribers and add

Add or Delete Listserv Subscribers

listserv ... How an owner can add or delete subscribers Log in to You must be listed as an owner and using the email address that is an owner of the Listserv you are updating

Listserv Quick Tips

listserv ... Quick Tips for List Owners of a Listserv List Owners can add members, delete members and get a listing of members subscribed to a Listserv using the Listesrv wesite or by using email commands

Unable to Add Subscriber to Listserv - signup file error

listserv ... include the email address alone. The first and last name is not required. If you are adding a subscriber who had previously been added to this list or possibly another Binghamton Listserv, you can add them

Add/Renew/Remove Access

Requires approval from an Associate Vice President (AVP), Dept. Chair, or higher.

Managing Access to Research Storage

Overview This article provides information an adding or removing access to Research Storage. Article Topics: Describe research storage roles: Administrators and Members How to add

Brightspace: How To Update the Course Tools Menu

be updated.  These instructions show how to remove the old Course Tools menu and then how to add the updated Course Tools menu. 1. Hover your mouse on the green bar to bring up the button

Request a Listserv

Brightspace: Library Subject Guides

navbar by removing it and adding it again. This happens because of a full course copy. Here are instructions on how to update the Course Tools grouping on your course's navbar. How Library Subject

Listserv & Google Groups

Listservs and Google Groups are used as a tool for collaboration and sharing of information. They are used by people who communicate often to a specific population. ... Faculty Staff Students Location(s) Web based   Contact the ITS Help Desk at (607) 777-6420 or Submit a Request for additional assistance.

Listserv Assistance

Request to Refresh a Listserv

Adobe Creative Cloud Shared Device License

, with an Annual Renewal in September of each year.  You can add licenses to this contract during this period, but you cannot remove licenses. You will need to provide your Department’s Account Number

Physical Server Installation Request

add ... to provide secure remote and/or physical access to manage the server.  Audience Faculty Staff Location(s) Technology Hub Contact the ITS Help Desk at (607) 777-6420 or Submit a Request for additional assistance.