Brightspace: How To Update the Course Tools Menu

If an option is not listed on the "Course Tools" menu that should be listed there then that course's "Course Tools" menu may be outdated. For example, "Library Subject Guides" is new. If that is not listed in your course's "Course Tools" menu then this article is for you.

This happens when copying a course and using the "Copy All Components" option. When copying all components from an old course into a new course the old navbars are copied in. The choice to "Copy All Components" rather than "Select Components" replaces the new updated "Course Tools" menu with the "Course Tools" menu from the past course. "Copy All Components" can be used again after updating the "Course Tools" menu. Future announcements will be made, with a link to this document, when the "Course Tools" menu needs to be updated. 

These instructions show how to remove the old Course Tools menu and then how to add the updated Course Tools menu.

1. Hover your mouse on the green bar to bring up the button with three dots

2. Click "Edit This Navbar"

  • "Customize this Navbar" may appear here. Click that option and then click on "Yes, I'll work with a copy of the navbar".


Number 1 hover mouse on navbar, number 2 choose "Edit this Navbar"


3. Click the "X" on Course Tools to remove it.

4. Click on the "Add Links" button. 


Number 3 click the x to remove Course Tools. Number 4 click Add Links to find the updated Course Tools


5. Scroll Down to find "Course Tools"

6. Check off the "Course Tools" option with the most recent date.

7. Click "Add"


Number 5 Scroll down. Number 6 check off the Course tools with the most recent date. Number 7 Click Add


8. Don't forget to Save it!


Number 8 Save and Close






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