Brightspace: Library Subject Guides

Library Subject Guides can now be found within Brightspace courses by going to Course Tools > Library Subject Guides.

If you would like to find out more information about Library Subject Guides click here to find your subject's librarian.  


Displays course's Course Tools menu showing "Library Subject Guides" on it


*If you are not seeing the "Library Subject Guides" option under Course Tools

You will need to update the Course Tools grouping on your navbar by removing it and adding it again. This happens because of a full course copy. Here are instructions on how to update the Course Tools grouping on your course's navbar.

How Library Subject Guides Present to Students

  • If that individual course has a subject guide then that will presented to the students from within their course in Brightspace. 
  • If that subject has a guide then the subject's guide will be presented to them from within their course in Brightspace.
  • If there is no guide then an A-Z database listing of guides will be presented.

The screenshots below show these respectively.

Displays the Library Guide for an individual course

The Parent of a cross listing's Library Guides are presented to the student. The example shown is a cross-list between HDEV and CDCI with the Human Development subject guide displaying.

An A-Z Database listing shows when the course does not have a library subject guide. Along with Book a consultation and Today's Library Hours


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