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Setting up an email backup option for CAS 2FA

: Check your email messages for the One Time Password from with the subject "One-Time-Password (OTP) Request -- CAS 2FA"     If you would like assistance, please feel free

Computer Labs

locations in which to work. All computers in the labs  require your Binghamton Username and Password to log in. Once you've logged in, you will be able to connect to your network storage accounts

Unable to Add Subscriber to Listserv - signup file error

include the email address alone. The first and last name is not required. If you are adding a subscriber who had previously been added to this list or possibly another Binghamton Listserv, you can add them

Using Google Drive App in the Binghamton Public Computing Labs (Windows)

google ... the Google disk space as Drive G: and provides access from any web connected device. To start the Google Drive App: Click Start (Microsoft Logo, lower left corner) In search bar type Google

Printing to PaperCut

must be in PDF format. Documents are automatically printed as one sided and will print the entire document. You will receive an email message with a link that must be clicked in order to submit the

Printable codes for CAS 2FA One-Time-Password

under the Actions column and repeat the "Create New Token" process to get another printable list.     If you would like assistance, please feel free to contact the Binghamton University ITS Help Desk at 607-777-6420 or Submit a Request, and we'll be happy to help. Back to Top

Disable/Remove an Account

Request to disable or remove a Binghamton University account where appropriate. ... reviews all requests for these types of activities, and verifies the account holder's status with other departments (i.e. HR or Student Records) prior to ITS taking any account actions.  Audience

Elevated Account Access Request

Request additional access/elevated account permissions for a Binghamton University account. ... request, review, and approval process, ITS can provide access to additional services - known as "elevated account permissions" - where appropriate. Some examples include access to eduroam/secure wifi

How to access Zoom

Ways to access your Binghamton Zoom Account ... You can access Zoom through several methods Web Browser You can access your Binghamton University Zoom account through a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) by going to https

Request to Refresh a Listserv

Request Compromised Account Recovery Help

Assistance with restoring access to a suspected or confirmed compromised account, and providing measures to better protect an account in the future. ... associated with the potential or confirmed compromise, Info Sec staff will provide options and/or assistance for the account holder to regain access to the account, along with multiple recommendations and

Grading with Turnitin and Text-to-Speech Assistive Technology

Explains work around if using Read&Write for Google Chrome with Turnitin Feedback Studio ... google ... It has been discovered that students' submissions to Turnitin are not easily read by text-to-speech assistive technology. This was discovered this through our licensing of the Google Chrome extension

Secondary or Sponsored Account Request

Used to request organizational or departmental secondary and sponsored accounts

Managing Access to Research Storage

/remove Administrators How to add/remove Members Note: Only Binghamton University accounts can access research storage. Non-Binghamton University persons cannot be added at this time. Research

How to Submit an Idea to the Brightspace Product Idea Exchange (PIE)

, and submit new product ideas for features.    Sign up for a Brightspace Community Account Go to If you do not have a community log in you will have