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Send email from an alias

Sign in to your Binghamton University email - Click the Settings icon in the upper-right and select and select See all settings Under the Accounts Tab look for

Listserv Quick Tips

Listserv Members can add and delete their email account from a Listserv they have been added to   Send an email message to  Leave the Subject field blank

Zoom: Sign in with email address

How to sign in with Zoom without authenticating with SSO. This can be used by alumni, organizational, service, or secondary email addresses. ... use with Zoom and click Sign Up. You will receive an email message to the address that will ask you to activate the account and then you will be able to set up the password.   Once you

Emergency Communication (B-Alert)

Binghamton University uses the RAVE messaging system as its emergency email and text messaging provider. ... Service Description Binghamton University has partnered with Rave Mobile Safety to provide an emergency alert system capable of delivering messages to your University and personal email

Adding Alt Text to an Image in an email signature in Gmail

settings in Gmail. Follow these steps to add alt text to a signature image. Adding alt text to an email signature in Gmail Log into your email and open Google Drive. Open a new document in

Zoom only displays basic features

Permissions are limited if your account is not associated with the Binghamton License. You may be unable to be made an alternative host or create longer meetings. ... sign-on is completed, a confirmation will appear that Zoom requests confirmation for the account to be added to the Binghamton University Zoom license.   An email message will be sent to the

2FA - Setting up the Step Two App (Mac Computers Only)

token ... to download the desktop application Open Step Two Click the Plus (+) arrow in the top-right corner Click Set up Account Manually Go to https

Setting up an email backup option for CAS 2FA

: Check your email messages for the One Time Password from with the subject "One-Time-Password (OTP) Request -- CAS 2FA"     If you would like assistance, please feel free

Gmail Confidential Mode

How to use Gmail Confidential Mode ... Users can help protect sensitive information from unauthorized access using Gmail confidential mode. Recipients of messages in confidential mode don't have the option to forward, copy, print, or

BingView FAQ

, reconnecting within 5 minutes will take you back to the interrupted session without loss of work. Remember to save your work to Google Drive or U-Drive. Q: What happens to the contents of my desktop when I

Computer Labs

locations in which to work. All computers in the labs  require your Binghamton Username and Password to log in. Once you've logged in, you will be able to connect to your network storage accounts

Alternative Text: Tips and Best Practices

Learn why and how to write good alt text for your images. See examples of decorative and complex image alt text. See steps for adding alt text in various apps and software. ... google ... or a sketch, perhaps in the context of an art lesson or another situation where that info is important. For icons that function as user interface components, the alt text should convey what the icon does

Printable codes for CAS 2FA One-Time-Password

under the Actions column and repeat the "Create New Token" process to get another printable list.     If you would like assistance, please feel free to contact the Binghamton University ITS Help Desk at 607-777-6420 or Submit a Request, and we'll be happy to help. Back to Top

Unable to Add Subscriber to Listserv - signup file error

include the email address alone. The first and last name is not required. If you are adding a subscriber who had previously been added to this list or possibly another Binghamton Listserv, you can add them

How to access Zoom

Ways to access your Binghamton Zoom Account ... You can access Zoom through several methods Web Browser You can access your Binghamton University Zoom account through a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) by going to https