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Managing Access to Research Storage

access-management ... Overview This article provides information an adding or removing access to Research Storage. Article Topics: Describe research storage roles: Administrators and Members How to add

Google Workspace Apps Access


Add/Renew/Remove Access

Delegate access to shared email account

The recommended method for giving another person access to a shared email account is by "delegating" access to the user. This can by done by following the steps below: Log into the shared Gmail

Brightspace: Closed Course Access for Incompletes

access ... Instructors will always have access to their past courses.  Students will lose access to online materials in their Brightspace courses approximately three weeks after the last day of classes

System-Level Student VPN Access

Allow/modify/remove student access to a system or service that they don't normally have access to through a VPN connection. ... Service Description Information Technology Services allows employees to request that students be provided with access to various systems through the VPN that students don't normally have access to

Shared Drive (S) Access Request

Zoom: How do I access Zoom?

Zoom is Binghamton University's web conferencing system. You can access Zoom through several methods.    Web Browser You can access your Binghamton University Zoom account through a web

Report Access / Badge / ID Card Issue

VPN - Install/Upgrade Ivanti Secure Access (Formerly Pulse Secure) and Connect to the VPN

Learn how to download and install Ivanti Secure Access (formerly Pulse Secure), then connect to the Binghamton University VPN. ... Overview This article contains instructions for any Binghamton University faculty, staff, or students that would like to connect to the Binghamton University VPN using the Ivanti Secure Access

Ivanti Secure Access Client (formerly Pulse Secure VPN client) - Overview

Overview VPN software allows access to campus-only resources from off-campus locations. The website allows bookmarks to campus-only resources directly through the web

Software & Applications

is available through BingView and installation/licensing is available by contacting:  GIS Core Facility Mathematica & Wolfram/Alpha Pro Compute expert-level answers using Wolfram’s breakthrough

Brightspace: Course Availability - Instructor Info

Instructor Access Instructors will have access to their courses in Brightspace a couple of months before the course starts. The schedule is as follows: First week of April: summer and fall

Brightspace: Adding TAs to Cross-Listed or Merged Courses in Brightspace

in the other sections. Some instructors want TAs to access only one section of a merged or cross-listed course while others would prefer that the TA has the ability to access all sections in the merged

Student Information System (Banner)

Service Description Banner is the primary student information system at Binghamton University, State University of New York, offering information access for students, faculty, and staff