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Google Groups- Allow non Binghamton email addresses to be members

google ... Overview Log in to your Binghamton email ( and click Groups from the Apps menu.     Open the Group you want to manage Go to Group Settings

Fix "Your account doesn’t allow editing on a Mac"

What causes the error? Here are the reasons you might get this message: Microsoft doesn’t recognize your Office 365 license. There are corrupt files in your Mac’s Library folder. To

Turnitin Draft Coach

google ... Docs. It has to be a native Google Doc. If you have another file type just copy all of the text and paste that into a new blank Google Doc. Then you should see the Turnitin Extension. If you

Binghamton University Chrome Browser Profile

google ... Overview Google released a Chrome update which will prompt Google Workspace users (such as Binghamton University email account users) to sync their accounts in the Chrome Browser. If users

How to Reset Your Binghamton University Password(s)

messages. Applicants will only see a successful result for BU because they do not have a Google account. Retirees, and Alumni will only see Google because they do not have a BU account.  You're all

Security Defensive Actions

Help addressing common IT security risks such as phishing messages. ... protections.  These activities could include providing advice about phishing messages reported to ITS, along with requirements and recommendations to address a successful phishing attack. Audience

Mail Merge using Word and Outlook

How to mail merge with Outlook, Excel and Word Open Outlook. If you don’t already have your Binghamton Google email in Outlook, refer to the knowledge article on how to use the Google Workspace

Telephone & Voicemail

and manage voicemail messages, and much more.  To access your voice mail dial 607-777-MAIL(6245). You can find more information about using the voicemail system in the Voicemail Quick Reference Guide

Phishing Response and Remediation

Assistance reporting suspected phishing to ITS, and recovering from a successful phishing attack. ...  messages early through education and automated systems, and report suspected phishing messages to the Info Sec Office. Each report allows the Info Sec Office to take steps that help prohibit phishing

Send email from an alias

Sign in to your Binghamton University email - Click the Settings icon in the upper-right and select and select See all settings Under the Accounts Tab look for

OneDrive - Download OneDrive Data

Instructions for downloading folders and files from a Binghamton University Microsoft OneDrive account. ... like to transfer OneDrive data to another location.    Download OneDrive Data These steps should allow anyone with a currently-active BU domain account to log in to OneDrive, select folders

Listserv Quick Tips

Listserv Members can add and delete their email account from a Listserv they have been added to   Send an email message to  Leave the Subject field blank

Zoom: Sign in with email address

How to sign in with Zoom without authenticating with SSO. This can be used by alumni, organizational, service, or secondary email addresses. ... use with Zoom and click Sign Up. You will receive an email message to the address that will ask you to activate the account and then you will be able to set up the password.   Once you

Emergency Communication (B-Alert)

Binghamton University uses the RAVE messaging system as its emergency email and text messaging provider. ... Service Description Binghamton University has partnered with Rave Mobile Safety to provide an emergency alert system capable of delivering messages to your University and personal email

Zoom only displays basic features

Permissions are limited if your account is not associated with the Binghamton License. You may be unable to be made an alternative host or create longer meetings. ... sign-on is completed, a confirmation will appear that Zoom requests confirmation for the account to be added to the Binghamton University Zoom license.   An email message will be sent to the