Turnitin Draft Coach

Information Technology Services has added Turnitin’s Draft Coach product to Binghamton’s Google Doc Extensions for all to use. This plagiarism checking add-on allows anyone to run a report that will check a Google Doc for similarity against Turnitin’s vast database. Check your assignments for similarity, citations and grammar using Turnitin Draft Coach in Google Docs. 
If you do not see the Draft Coach Extension as shown in the screen shot below then it could be either of these two reasons:

  • This extension is not available with .docx, .pdf or other file types opened within Google Docs. It has to be a native Google Doc. If you have another file type just copy all of the text and paste that into a new blank Google Doc. Then you should see the Turnitin Extension.
  • If you are logged into your own Gmail account and not your @binghamton.edu Bmail account then you will not see this Add-on listed. Turnitin Draft Coach is only available to those in our @binghamton.edu domain.

This image displays a Google Doc with the Extensions menu circled and at the very bottom of that menu Turnitin Draft Coach and its sub menu are circled.

Be sure to open Google Docs through your @binghamton.edu email account in order to find this extension.

 This image displays the upper right hand corner of the Bmail window showing the Binghamton University logo which represents being logged into Binghamton University's Google system then going to Google Docs from the app button located to the left of the Binghamton University logo. Then lastly choose Google Docs.

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