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Connecting smart TVs, game consoles, smart speakers, streaming media devices, etc. to the network

How to connect gaming and other devices to the internet. ... that do not support WPA2 Enterprise 802.1x authentication or cannot otherwise access eduroam. Devices that have a browser and are WPA2 Enterprise compatible should use the encrypted wireless network

Computer Hardware Recycling (E-Waste)

Information Technology Services provides Computer Hardware Recycling for University Owned equipment when it reaches the end of its useful life. Hardware must be brought to the Technology Hub for recycling. ... deemed worth re-using, all precautions are taken to ensure that all prior owner data is deleted/erased and the hard drive(s) are reformatted. If it is determined that the equipment is not worthy of re

Printing to PaperCut

and password. Your username should be preceded by BU\ as illustrated below: A folder will open displaying the network printer information. Right click the printer icon named StudentSecurePrint

Research Support

Secure Data Storage) Audience Faculty Staff Students Location(s) Technology Hub   Contact the ITS Help Desk at (607) 777-6420 or Submit a Request for additional assistance.

Connect to BingWEB using a CMD|Terminal Window

>   After typing "cmd" in the "Type here to search" input panel. Click the Command Prompt Image in the upper left.   A Terminal Window will open.   Replace chouck with your userid|username

Research Computing Pilot Program

Service Description Planned Services Expanded access to data storage One-click access to research software (Ex: RStudio, Jupyter) Run jobs on University provided computer clusters

Brightspace: Library Subject Guides

Guides Present to Students If that individual course has a subject guide then that will presented to the students from within their course in Brightspace.  If that subject has a guide then

Incident Detection

Service Description The Information Technology Services (ITS) Information Security (Info Sec) Office provides ITS security incident detection services from individual account security incident

Facilities Management (Maximo)

network. To access it from outside the campus network (such as while working from home), please connect to the VPN by logging into or connecting via iVanti Secure before clicking to make

Remote Access (VPN)

Service Description Information Technology Services provides a secure, tunneled connection to the Binghamton University Network from off campus. This can be used for connections such as Remote

Add or Delete Listserv Subscribers

lists, you will also have to select the list you want to modify.   Use the Subscriber Management screen to add new individual subscribers. You can also search for and delete individual

Adding Alt Text to an Image in an email signature in Gmail

settings in Gmail. Follow these steps to add alt text to a signature image. Adding alt text to an email signature in Gmail Log into your email and open Google Drive. Open a new document in

Security Incident Response & Investigation

services, data, and alerts along with direct testimonials from the impacted individual(s) and their affiliates to gain an understanding of, and recover from, varying levels of security incidents

Endpoint Protection

computer systems through in-house and third-party contracted endpoint protection software. These protections extend to individual computer systems supplied to employees along with departmental servers

Data Center Services

Information Technology Services maintains data centers at two locations that have redundant systems for power, data, and cooling. ... Service Description Information Technology Services maintains data centers at two separate locations that house servers and networking equipment with redundant systems for power, data, and cooling