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Google 2-Step Verification - First-Time Setup and Managing Devices

: Instructions for Android Owners Recommended (but Optional) Action - Sign in to the Google App Android devices come with the Google

Faculty/Staff Printing - Connect to a Network Printer on Taboo

This article contains instructions for any Binghamton University faculty or staff member that would like to connect their Windows or Mac computer to a network printer that ITS manages on the Taboo (\\ print server. ... correct list of printers and finding the specific printer’s name based on its location. While using a computer on the Binghamton University domain (i.e. a computer where you log on using your BU

How to check that you have successfully enrolled in Google 2-Step Verification

Overview Binghamton University requires 2-Step Verification for Binghamton email (Google Workspace) accounts. For detailed instructions for setting up your 2-Step Verification, please follow these

Microsoft Office 365 Access

, temporary access until 365 days after End Date) Staff Without Computers (Active staff but identified as not having a computer or the need to install the application) Recently Graduated Students (6

Adobe Creative Cloud Shared Device License

, with an Annual Renewal in September of each year.  You can add licenses to this contract during this period, but you cannot remove licenses. You will need to provide your Department’s Account Number

Install Google Workspace Sync for Outlook

Outlook is already installed on your computer, or download and install Microsoft Office from by signing into your Binghamton University Microsoft account. Go to the website https

How to map Faculty or Staff network drives on MacOS (H Drive, S Drive, or Encrypted Research Storage)

This article provides instructions for mapping your network drives on your MacOS computer. ... the "$" symbol: smb://$ For your S drive, or shared drive, type the following where departmentdrivename is the name of your department or shared folder:smb

Google 2-Step Verification - International Travel Recommendations

prefer to use Google’s general Gmail instructions to set up your Google 2-Step Verification, please feel free to visit this Google Account Help website. Common Google 2-Step Verification Concerns for

Binghamton University Chrome Browser Profile

Overview Google released a Chrome update which will prompt Google Workspace users (such as Binghamton University email account users) to sync their accounts in the Chrome Browser. If users

Ivanti Secure Access Client (formerly Pulse Secure VPN client) - Overview

formerly called Pulse Secure. The branding has changed, but the settings remain the same). Binghamton University SSL VPN requires two-factor authentication in order to login. See these

Download Google Content Using Google Takeout

Google Takeout is available for Binghamton University Google Workspace users who would like to download their Google content either as a backup or to preserve content before losing access to their account or a service. ... need to be downloaded to your computer then extracted to folders on your computer. Windows and Mac computers should have built-in programs to extract the contents of Zip files so no additional

Adobe Creative Cloud Named-User License

, including university-owned and personal computers, with two concurrent logins by the user at any given time.   Do I need an Adobe Account Yes. You will create an Adobe Account based on your

Virtual Reality

What is Virtual Reality? Virtual Reality is a three-dimensional, computer generated environment; which you can look around 360 degrees, just like the real world. The user wears a VR headset with a


Overview How to Get Mathematica Mathematica is currently installed in the following locations: Computer labs All general or public-access labs. Many departmental labs have

Student Computer Recommendations

Information for Binghamton University students about purchasing a personal computer, including minimum and recommended specifications. ... computer ... programs do not require a computer, but we recommend that students have a computer for their convenience. NOTE: Students tend to prefer laptops since they are mobile and allow the student to work