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How do I access BingView?

Instructions for accessing BingView, Binghamton University's Virtual Desktop environment. ... bingview ... Overview BingView is Binghamton University's Virtual Desktop Environment that provides access to specialized applications on and off-campus.    To access BingView follow the steps below

Virtual Desktop (BingView)

Bingview/VDI is Binghamton University's Virtual Desktop environment. ... vdi ... Service Description Bingview is Binghamton University's Virtual Desktop environment. It can be accessed by going to It provides access University licensed

Zoom: How do I access Zoom?

Zoom is Binghamton University's web conferencing system. You can access Zoom through several methods.    Web Browser You can access your Binghamton University Zoom account through a web

How do I find my B number?

Overview A B-Number is the primary identification number for faculty, staff and students at Binghamton University. How do I find my B number You can find your B number by logging into Bu

How do I submit an ITS project request?

This article provides details on how to submit an ITS project request. ... This article provides instructions for submitting an ITS project request for review, evaluation and possible approval to embark on a project with assistance from ITS staff. For details about the

How to access Zoom

Ways to access your Binghamton Zoom Account ... device and select Sign in with SSO   Enter Binghamton for the Company Domain and select Continue.   Log in with your BU Credentials. If you would like assistance, please feel

Elevated Account Access Request

Request additional access/elevated account permissions for a Binghamton University account. ... , special VPN permissions, BingView, etc. if an account does not already have access to those services.  Please be aware, ITS will only consider elevated account permissions requests submitted by

How to Reset Your Binghamton University Password(s)

Go to (or select "I don't know my password" from Type your Binghamton University username in the "Username" box

Managing Access to Research Storage

access-management ... Overview This article provides information an adding or removing access to Research Storage. Article Topics: Describe research storage roles: Administrators and Members How to add

Brightspace: Closed Course Access for Incompletes

access ... and needs access to the course you can open it for that student only rather than changing the end date to open it to all students. To do this you will be changing that student’s role in the course

Delegate access to shared email account

The recommended method for giving another person access to a shared email account is by "delegating" access to the user. This can by done by following the steps below: Log into the shared Gmail

Google Groups- How to Create a Google Group

address who can create, manage and delete Groups using their Binghamton University login for Google. Create a Google Group How to create a new Google Group: Log in to your Binghamton University

Brightspace: How to Save Recurring Zoom Recordings to Panopto

Before you can save recurring Zoom Meeting recordings into your course's Panopto folder, you need to do two things: Schedule recurring meetings for your course in Zoom. (Directions

How to Submit an Idea to the Brightspace Product Idea Exchange (PIE)

idea ... , and submit new product ideas for features.    Sign up for a Brightspace Community Account Go to If you do not have a community log in you will have

How to check that you have successfully enrolled in Google 2-Step Verification

: Access "Manage your Google Account" Access your Google Account at or by clicking on the circle with your photo or initial in the upper right corner of the