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Server & Storage Management

h ... is protected. H Drive: Individual Network Storage:  Every faculty and staff member has access to 5 gig bits of individual network storage on the H drive. H drives are created by request

Network (H) Drive Request

How to map Faculty or Staff network drives on Windows (H Drive, S Drive, or Encrypted Research Storage)

Instructions for mapping network drives on Windows PCs. ... storage ... to "This PC" (Desktop App) Select the Computer tab, then select the icon for Map Network Drive In the Map Network Drive window: Select Drive: H, or S. For your H drive, or personal

How to map Faculty or Staff network drives on MacOS (H Drive, S Drive, or Encrypted Research Storage)

This article provides instructions for mapping your network drives on your MacOS computer. ... storage ... Overview This article provides instructions for mapping your Faculty or Staff network drives on your MacOS.  Note: To connect to network drives from off-campus, you must first connect to

Network Drive Assistance (Mapping)


Report a Server or Network Storage Issue

Google Workspace Storage

storage ... , individual storage limits will be assigned to user accounts and will be visible in the Google Drive app. Exceeding your individual storage limit will not impact your ability to send or receive

Google Drive

Students, faculty and staff receive Google Drive storage. ... drive

Managing File & Folder Permissions for Research Storage

To manage file & folder permissions of Research Storage at a greater granularity than what is offered through IAMBing you can do so via standard Windows permissions. ... research-storage ... permissions that a certain group or individual user has to a file or folder. For example, you can designate a special folder on the W: drive within your department's area called "Incoming" as a place where

Shared Drive (S) Access Request


Using Google Drive App in the Binghamton Public Computing Labs (Windows)

drive ... The Google Drive App is on the public computers in the Binghamton Public Computer Labs and Classrooms.  This leverages the storage for Binghamton University students on Google.  The Drive app maps

Common Service Access by Affiliation

access to that dept.'s S: drive at: Shared Drive (S) Access Request Employee Individual Network Drive (BUShare or H: Drive) YES - By request, and with a 5 GB quota

OneDrive - Download OneDrive Data

Overview This article provides instructions for a Binghamton University (BU) individual to download folders or files that they've saved to a BU Microsoft OneDrive account. This is useful if you'd

Clean Up Messages and Files in Google Workspace

drive ... reduce your storage? Here are some tips for easily finding files or messages that you can delete in Google Workspace. Google Drive Files To delete the largest files first: On your computer

Repair Loaner Laptop Request

you connect to your network storage drive, Google Drive or a removable disk drive to access and save files. Avoid saving files on the loaner computer. Technical Support and ITS are not responsible for