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Single Sign-On (SSO)

ITS single sign-on (SSO) allows us to log on to multiple websites with a Binghamton University account. ... the central authentication service (CAS) SSO system. This allows BU account holders the ability to use one set of credentials to log in to websites such as the myBinghamton portal, Brightspace, Zoom

Mapping your UShare ( on Windows OS or Mac OS

: Enter your BU username, for example: baxterbearcat1 Type in your BU account password, it will be hidden. Click 'Connect'. SCREENSHOT to be ADDED STEP 4: Completion: Your UShare

How to Reset Your Binghamton University Password(s)

will display the results of the password reset. Only the systems applicable to your role with the University will indicate "Success". Faculty, staff and students should see BU and Google account success

Account Questions

Compromised Accounts

and confirm a new password that synchronizes with both BU and BMail accounts. Once you regain access, we recommend the following to secure the Bmail account: Log in to your Bmail account's

Secondary Account Change

SAS account and install


Disable/Remove an Account

Request to disable or remove a Binghamton University account where appropriate. ... Service Description Where appropriate, Information Technologies Services can disable, or in extreme cases, remove/delete a Binghamton University account. The Information Security Office thoroughly

Report an Account Issue

BingView FAQ

can access the Virtual Desktop using their BU account. Q: What is Virtual Desktop? A: Virtual Desktop separates the physical machine from the PC desktop environment using a client/server model

Elevated Account Access Request

Request additional access/elevated account permissions for a Binghamton University account. ... Service Description Information Technology Services (ITS) provides various permissions and access options for Binghamton University accounts that may not be provided automatically. Through a

Secondary or Sponsored Account Request

Used to request organizational or departmental secondary and sponsored accounts

Delegate access to shared email account

The recommended method for giving another person access to a shared email account is by "delegating" access to the user. This can by done by following the steps below: Log into the shared Gmail

Transfer Google Account messages or content

To transfer your messages and or Google Drive content to another Google account, sign into using the account you want to Transfer from, click on the Binghamton University

Request Compromised Account Recovery Help

Assistance with restoring access to a suspected or confirmed compromised account, and providing measures to better protect an account in the future. ... compromised Binghamton University accounts, and takes investigative actions based on reports from the community of suspected compromises. Depending on the validity, severity, and criteria