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Mapping your UShare ( on Windows OS or Mac OS

click and select "Map network drive..." in pop up menu. STEP 2: Use Drive: pulldown to choose "U:". Then in "Folder:" text box, enter \\\[username]$ for example

Mail Merge using Word and Outlook

How to mail merge with Outlook, Excel and Word Open Outlook. If you don’t already have your Binghamton Google email in Outlook, refer to the knowledge article on how to use the Google Workspace

Setting up an email backup option for CAS 2FA

2fa ... Once you have set up your second factor authentication (2FA) for CAS (Central Authentication Service) using Google Authenticator on your phone, the Authenticator browser app or Authy, we recommend

Binghamton University Chrome Browser Profile

google ... Overview Google released a Chrome update which will prompt Google Workspace users (such as Binghamton University email account users) to sync their accounts in the Chrome Browser. If users

Delegate access to shared email account

The recommended method for giving another person access to a shared email account is by "delegating" access to the user. This can by done by following the steps below: Log into the shared Gmail

Brightspace: How to Save Recurring Zoom Recordings to Panopto

in step 2. Then, search for your Panopto course folder in the Folder Name list. Click Save.  Your Zoom meeting recordings for this course will now appear in the Panopto Video folder for this course.

Gradescope: Getting Started for Instructors

: Access Gradescope from Brightspace Enter your course.  Click on Course Tools in the course navigation. Click on “Gradescope” Step 2: Create your Gradescope course Your course is

Computer Labs

(Google, UShare, etc.). For scheduling of each lab, go to the link below and then click on BThere. To see if there are stations available click on the LiveMaps for that lab area. You can also click on

Google Workspace Storage

google ... steps in 2022 which allowed us to continue using our Google Workspace accounts without interruption. However, everyone should be working towards reducing our overall storage. Beginning in 2024

How to Reset Your Binghamton University Password(s)

will display the results of the password reset. Only the systems applicable to your role with the University will indicate "Success". Faculty, staff and students should see BU and Google account success

Delete Email Messages in Google Web

google ... Overview Binghamton University email uses Google Workspace for Education as our email service provider. Many functions for managing messages for Binghamton University email accounts (BMail) are

How to Clear Web Browser Cache

google-chrome ... Click Remove All Ensure that any work you may have in Safari is saved prior to removing data as this step will most likely sign you out of most of your tabs Click Done If

How to Submit an Idea to the Brightspace Product Idea Exchange (PIE)

to create one.     NOTE: If you already have an account, you may have to complete a registration step to use the new Single Sign On Experience.   Navigate to the PIE Site

VPN - Install/Upgrade Ivanti Secure Access (Formerly Pulse Secure) and Connect to the VPN

" file for most people).   NOTE: The vast majority of computers manufactured after 2012 are 64-bit, but if you run into any errors later on that mention 32-bit or "ARM," then come back to this step

BingView FAQ

,  on the server. These drives are pre-fixed with your username. All other drives without your username prefix are virtual drives and should not be used for saving files. Google Drive can also be used