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Computer Labs

Information Technology Services provides computer labs for students, faculty and staff. ... locations in which to work. All computers in the labs  require your Binghamton Username and Password to log in. Once you've logged in, you will be able to connect to your network storage accounts

Connect to BingWEB using a CMD|Terminal Window

Overview Instructions for an image will be below it. The nomenclature for the less-than and greater-than symbols... < user will replace or enter a value

How do I access BingView?

Instructions for accessing BingView, Binghamton University's Virtual Desktop environment. ... : NOTE:  To access BingView from the student network, or from Off-Campus, users must first connect to the Pulse Secure VPN. Go to Select "Install VMware

Facilities Management (Maximo)

network. To access it from outside the campus network (such as while working from home), please connect to the VPN by logging into or connecting via iVanti Secure before clicking to make

Setup WIFI on ChromeBook devices

Networks imported under the Choose file button.     Open up your Wifi Networks. Click eduroam to join Forget welcome2bing     Join Eduroam by Manually setting wifi

Shared Drive (S) Access Request


Medical & Health Systems (Medicat)

Medicat is the EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system used by Decker Student Health to track student health records. ... Service Description Medicat is the EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system used by Decker Student Health to track student health records. Audience Faculty Staff Students Location

Electronic Accessibility

. To ensure this we need to make sure that all electronic information is available to members of our community who use assistive technologies.    Students looking for information and support


ResCons are Binghamton University's student technical staff located in the Residence Halls. ... contact for and refers problems to ResCons. ResCons contact students and make house calls to the residents, referring unresolved calls to Senior ResCons who refer unresolved issues to a coordinator at


Overview Information and where to reach out for information onBSuccessful. BSuccessful Scheduling Students looking to schedule or reschedule an appointment

Brightspace: Known Issues

Table of Contents Student email address appears for instructors who are students or alumni Issues with Imported Test Questions The student email address appears for faculty/staff

Virtual Server Request

Submit a request for the creation of a new virtual server, the modification of an existing virtual server, or the deletion of an unused virtual server. NOTE:  Submission of this request does not

Faculty UShare Request

Disable/Remove an Account

reviews all requests for these types of activities, and verifies the account holder's status with other departments (i.e. HR or Student Records) prior to ITS taking any account actions.  Audience

Restore U Share Data