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Install Google Workspace Sync for Outlook

Binghamton email on your Windows computer. Please note that while Outlook can be used to manage email and calendars, some Bmail features such as setting a vacation responder, viewing shared documents

Activity Monitoring

Ongoing or short term network, device, and/or application monitoring and logging. ... Service Description The ITS Information Security (Info Sec) Office provides network, device, and application logging and monitoring services for security alerting and investigative purposes

Security Activity Monitoring & Analysis

Network, device, and application activity logging, monitoring, and analysis for security purposes. ... Service Description The ITS Information Security (InfoSec) Office provides network, device, and application logging and monitoring services for security purposes through various in-house and

How do I access BingView?

: NOTE:  To access BingView from the student network, or from Off-Campus, users must first connect to the Pulse Secure VPN. Go to Select "Install VMware

Adding Alt Text to an Image in an email signature in Gmail

settings in Gmail. Follow these steps to add alt text to a signature image. Adding alt text to an email signature in Gmail Log into your email and open Google Drive. Open a new document in

Add or Delete Listserv Subscribers

subscribers or view all subscribers in a browser window.     If you would like assistance, please feel free to contact the Binghamton University ITS Help Desk at 607-777-6420 or Submit a Request, and we'll be happy to help. Back to Top


SAS Visual Analytics allows departments to report on University data ... Service Description SAS is a state of the art Business Intelligence platform for building custom reporting dashboards that support data-driven decision making. Information Technology Services’s

Computer Setup


VMWare on MAC Issue

Steps to take on resolving Keyboard and Mouse input not being recognized in VMWare on MacOS. ... monitoring.   This is found by going to System preferences. Then choosing Security & Privacy. Scroll down to Input Monitoring and click on it. Now to make changes click on the lock in the lower

Brightspace: Creating and Grading Google Assignments in your Brightspace course

Account to Brightspace. If this is your first Google assignment, a pop-up window will ask you to confirm you would like to link your Google account to Brightspace. Click Link.  5. Add the

Make Me Admin

Make Me admin, click windows icon in start bar and scroll down to Make Me Admin in All applications.   When the application launches select “Grant Me Administrator Rights

Restore U Share Data


Department Print Queue Creation

Departments can request a print queue for their network printer. ... network

Virtual Desktop (BingView)

windows ... software, and statistical, math and engineering packages such as Matlab, SPSS, STATA, SAS, Atlas.Ti, NVivo, Creo, and Microsoft Office, among others. VDI allows ITS to deliver desktops on demand to

Printing & Related Services

Service Description Information Technology Services provides various printing services for the campus community. For offices, ITS provides a print server where network printers can be setup to