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Facilities Management (Maximo)

Facilities Management system that is used to request services from Physical Facilities. ... Service Description Maximo is a Facilities Management system that is used to request services from Physical Facilities. Maximo can only be accessed from a device connected to the campus

Identity & Access Management

Essentially, account creation and access. Ensuring that the proper people have appropriate access to Binghamton University IT services. ... Service Description Identity and Access Management (IAM) describes the processes, standards, practices, and technologies that allow the proper people and entities to access appropriate Binghamton

Student Computer Recommendations

Information for Binghamton University students about purchasing a personal computer, including minimum and recommended specifications. ... University Program NOTE: Binghamton University does not endorse any of these vendors or their offers other than to provide the options to our students.   If you would like assistance, please

Report Access / Badge / ID Card Issue

Brightspace: Course Copy

Each semester new, empty courses appear in Brightspace and you need to add your content to them. However, each semester you do not have to re-create the wheel. You can copy content uploaded

Start Here: Accessibility Basics Checklist

High-level accessibility requirements at a glance, with links to further information on each topic. ... Accessibility Basics Checklist.pdf ... accessibility ... includes all: webpages electronic documents electronic communications Brightspace courses This is a list of basic requirements to achieve accessibility standards and ensure that your

Zoom: Sign in with email address

How to sign in with Zoom without authenticating with SSO. This can be used by alumni, organizational, service, or secondary email addresses. ... Overview Most accounts access Zoom by signing in with Single Sign On (SSO). This uses our Central Authentication Service (CAS) and requires a BU domain account and 2-Factor Authentication

Sorting and Filtering Files on a Network Drive

time you reviewed the files you had in your drive? Do you need that presentation you made in 2010? How about that student employee schedule from 2020? Did you use your drive to store things to cleanup

Brightspace: How to Bulk Enroll Users into your Course

In your course in Brightspace: 1. Click Classlist 2. Click Add Participants 3. Click “Import users from a file on your computer”.      Use Excel and then be sure to save

Delete Email Messages in Outlook

access the Deleted Items folder to view messages you have deleted. By default they are held in the Deleted Items Folder for 30 days, but you can manually or automatically empty the contents of the

Remote Access (VPN)

Information Technology Services provides remote access for users who are working/learning remotely to campus resources. ... Desktop (RDP), network file shares, and other University resources typically inaccessible from off campus. Audience Students Faculty Staff Location(s) User's can download the

Accessible Links

Best practices for accessible links, including link text, style, new windows and files, and images as links. ... accessibility ... much harder to differentiate from regular text. If you really don’t want your links underlined, there are two additional WCAG requirements to ensure links remain accessible to all users

Logging Into Panopto

This article goes through the steps to log in to Panopto. ... Follow the steps below to access your Panopto account: Navigate to From the drop-down menu, choose the appropriate category

Data Center Access

Request physical access to one of the ITS data centers/server rooms. ... Service Description ITS grants physical access to the data centers/server rooms through a request and approval process. Audience Faculty Staff Location(s) Technology Hub Contact the ITS Help Desk at (607) 777-6420 or Submit a Request for additional assistance.

Qualtrics Support

How to directly contact Qualtrics for support. ... Binghamton University ITS does not have in-depth expertise regarding the Qualtrics platform. ITS can assist with general issues relating to accounts / permissions, but questions regarding the inner