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Each semester new, empty courses appear in Brightspace and you need to add your content to them. However, each semester you do not have to re-create the wheel. You can copy content uploaded, assignments, quizzes, or entire courses from previous semesters. There are several ways to copy content but this article focuses on the use of the "Import / Export / Copy Components" tool.

1. Go to the new course or the one that needs the content copied into it. Click on Course Tools in the green navbar.
2. Click  Course Admin.

This image displays steps 1 and 2. In the course that needs the content click on Course Tools then Course Admin

3. There are two different views for this Course Administration page. The view shown here is by “Name”.

4. Click into “Import / Export / Copy Components” 

This image displays steps 3 and 4. In Course Admin click on Import / Export / Copy Components.
5. Copy Components is the needed option and it is already the default setting.

6. Click “Search for offering” to look up and assign the course that has the content you want to add to this course.

This image displays steps 5 and 6. It has text that explains how the choice of Copy Components is already set by default.
7. Type something from your course name.

8. Click Search

9. Choose that course

10. Click the Add Selected button.

This image displays steps 7 through 10.

11. Choose to either “Copy All Components” or to copy just “Select Components”.

NOTE: If you choose "Copy All Components" you are replacing the up-to-date current "Course Tools" menu with the old version from your old course. It is recommended that every couple of semesters you choose "Select Components" instead and choose not to copy Navigation Bars. This will leave the updated navigation bar in your course rather than copying an old one over it. Here are instructions on "How To Update the Course Tools Menu".


This image displays step 11. Choose a button: "Copy All Components" or "Select Components".

12.. If you choose “Select Components” you will get this screen to choose what you want to copy.

13. Once you’ve made your choices click Continue.


This image displays steps 12 and 13. Choose which components you want and click continue

14. Click Expand all to get a listing of your quizzes or assignments or whatever component you chose. 

15. Select the item you want to copy.

16. Click Continue

This image displays steps 14, 15 and 16. Click Expand All to find that one thing you want. Click that component that you want to copy. Click Continue

17. You can offset any dates that were set on the item you are copying in.

18. Click Finish. 

This image displays steps 17 and 18. You can offset dates on this screen. Ultimately click Finish to make the copying start.

A green check mark will appear when the copy is complete. You can also see the Copy History for this course here.

This image displays the results. A green check mark will appear when the copy is complete. You can also see a history of what was copied here.

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