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Compromised Accounts

 misuse, and acts to disable access or functionality on the account to stop further unauthorized access. In either case, to regain access to the account, you can reset the password at our self

Printable codes for CAS 2FA One-Time-Password

Printable codes  After you have successfully enrolled in your preferred CAS 2FA authenticator app option, it is a good idea to set up a backup in the event that your phone or computer is not

Purchasing Computers with University Funds

This article covers how to purchase a computer with University funds. ... Overview This article covers how to purchase a computer with University funds.  Ordering Dell Computers To access the standard Dell configurations and place an order you will need to

ITS Energy Saving and Sustainable Best Practices

for the day. Set your computer to power-save, or sleep mode after a certain period of inactivity. NOTE: Screen savers don't save energy! If you must leave your computer on for access while you are

Add or Delete Listserv Subscribers

How an owner can add or delete subscribers Log in to You must be listed as an owner and using the email address that is an owner of the Listserv you are updating

2FA - Setting up the Step Two App (Mac Computers Only) to download the desktop application Open Step Two Click the Plus (+) arrow in the top-right corner Click Set up Account Manually Go to https

Firewall Management

our network or from outside our network; however, the process to access them may require using the SSL VPN. It is available at Audience Faculty Staff

3D Scanning

of the project, we might recommend the most suitable scanner to best fit your needs. How does 3D Scanning Work? The scan data retrieved with the help of the 3D Scanner can be observed with

Listserv Quick Tips

configuration from off campus and you do not have a Binghamton University VPN login, please contact an owner who has access or contact the Help Desk for assistance. Quick Tips for Members of a

Minitab Installation for Windows

The License process for Minitab has changed as of January 2022. The software is now licensed by login through CAS Single Sign On. You can download the software from the Minitab site, https

Door Access Management

Information Technology Services maintains a door access system to provide access to University owned & leased spaces. ... Service Description Information Technology Services maintains a door access system to provide access to University owned & leased spaces. The access control (door access) system is made up of

Alternative Text: Tips and Best Practices

Learn why and how to write good alt text for your images. See examples of decorative and complex image alt text. See steps for adding alt text in various apps and software. ... image ... accessibility, that information is extraneous. Photo by rivage on Unsplash.   Informative Image 2: Service Dog Alt Text: A man and a black service dog on a leash walk through a sunny airport. The

Google 2-Step Verification - International Travel Recommendations

This article provides Google 2-Step Verification information and options for international travelers to avoid getting locked out of their Bmail address. ... codes” (or both) depending on what you’d like to do with your codes. It’s recommended to print the codes right away and put the printout in a safe, accessible location

Report Door Issue

Add or remove Listserv Owners

Pulse Secure VPN first. If you own a Listserv and need to update the owners or configuration from off campus and you do not