3D Scanning

What are 3D Scanners?
There are multiple types of 3D Scanners for different purposes. However, any device that has the capability to assess and measure the physical world with the use of lasers, lights or x-rays and generates dense point clouds or polygon meshes is to be considered a 3D scanner. ETS has an array of 3D Scanners including the NextEngine and DAVID scanner. Depending on the nature of the project, we might recommend the most suitable scanner to best fit your needs.

How does 3D Scanning Work?
The scan data retrieved with the help of the 3D Scanner can be observed with a digital scale model or a 3D graphical rendering. Dimensions of the physical object can be determined with the scan data, such as length, width, height, volume, feature size, feature location, surface area, etc.

A bridge can be drawn between physical objects and modern manufacturing with the 3D scan data. We can achieve so by converting the data into computer-aided design (CAD) models, using it to compare against the "as-designed" ideal of the part, or using it in the seemingly infinite number of computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools available.

If you feel you have maximized the quality of your 3D scan within ScanStudioHD, but still need to make modifications to your model, you could use another 3D modeling program like Autodesk fusion 360 or Meshmixer. Both of these editing progra
ms (and more) are available at the studio.

3D Scanning


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