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Minitab Installation for Windows

the and your password and click Submit.     You will then be prompted for your One Time Password which you can get from the Google Authenticator App where you have set up your Two-Factor

Printable codes for CAS 2FA One-Time-Password

2fa ... Printable codes  After you have successfully enrolled in your preferred CAS 2FA authenticator app option, it is a good idea to set up a backup in the event that your phone or computer is not

Adding Alt Text to an Image in an email signature in Gmail

settings in Gmail. Follow these steps to add alt text to a signature image. Adding alt text to an email signature in Gmail Log into your email and open Google Drive. Open a new document in

Qualtrics Support

following the steps below: Visit: Click "CONTACT SUPPORT" Click "Sign in with SSO" Type "binghamton" (all one word -- lowercase) and click "Continue

Brightspace: Course Availability - Instructor Info

the following steps: Log in to Brightspace and navigate to the course. On the green Navbar, click Course Tools > Course Admin > Course Offering Information. Scroll down to the bottom of the

Zoom: Sign in with email address

Overview Most accounts access Zoom by signing in with Single Sign On (SSO). This uses our Central Authentication Service (CAS) and requires a BU domain account and 2-Factor Authentication

Setup WIFI on ChromeBook devices

Overview Chrome book devices can use the JoinNow wireless configuration tool. Steps to Join Eduroam through the JoinNow tool Join welcome2bing Open the captive portal page in a

Managing File & Folder Permissions for Research Storage

 dialog box. This dialog box for the file or folder you are working with can be accessed in a few steps. Click on the Start menu. Click Computer. Select the folder or file you wish to adjust

Computer Hardware Recycling (E-Waste)

for e-Waste recycling, the following steps must be followed: Save all electronic data for your records, and please review Policy No. 302 before you do anything.   Complete Property