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Campus Provided Cable TV

TV's instruction manual or the TV manufacturers website. Spectrum University Live TV Streaming (SpectrumU) is available to all students living in residence halls on campus. 200+ channels can be

3D Scanning

, lights or x-rays and generates dense point clouds or polygon meshes is to be considered a 3D scanner. ETS has an array of 3D Scanners including the NextEngine and DAVID scanner. Depending on the nature

Mail Merge using Word and Outlook

. Open Word. You can create a new blank document or open the draft of the email you’re sending. Select Mailings from the top ribbon>Start Mail Merge>Step-by-step Mail Merge Wizard… E-mail

Install Google Workspace Sync for Outlook

and setting calendar or account permissions among others must still be completed by logging into Before downloading and installing Google Workspace Sync, make sure

Delete Email Messages in Outlook

access the Deleted Items folder to view messages you have deleted. By default they are held in the Deleted Items Folder for 30 days, but you can manually or automatically empty the contents of the

Gradescope: Getting Started for Instructors

Gradescope is available for Bubble Sheet tests and assignments and is integrated into Brightspace. Faculty or TAs can print and copy the bubble sheet template found below and after scan the completed

How to Reset Your Binghamton University Password(s)

Go to (or select "I don't know my password" from Type your Binghamton University username in the "Username" box

BingView FAQ

of computing. It allows ITS to deliver desktops on demand to users anywhere and to any device. The desktop is delivered in real time to the user's PC or tablet device. Q: How do I log into a Virtual

Genetec Administrative Access

Requires approval from Dean, AVP or higher

Firewall Exception Request

Firewall Exception Request: Submit a request to open or close ports on the edge firewall. This requires various departmental and ITS approvals.

Request Repair Loaner

Short term loan while a University or personal computer is being worked on by ITS or the manufacturer

International Cellular Request

By submitting an International Cellular Request for the individual(s) and/or device(s) listed in the request, the submitter and all listed parties agree to the Binghamton University Personal Communication Devices Policy at: