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Transfer Google Account messages or content

transfer ... To transfer your messages and or Google Drive content to another Google account, sign into using the account you want to Transfer from, click on the Binghamton University

Delete Email Messages in Google Web

messages ... Overview Binghamton University email uses Google Workspace for Education as our email service provider. Many functions for managing messages for Binghamton University email accounts (BMail) are

Download Google Content Using Google Takeout

Google Takeout is available for Binghamton University Google Workspace users who would like to download their Google content either as a backup or to preserve content before losing access to their account or a service. ... google ... affiliation changes and they will lose access to their account, a specific service or if Google is phasing out a service. To view a page with additional information about Google Takeout, please visit https

Google Groups- How to Create a Google Group

google ... ITS recommends creating a Google Group to efficiently manage sending messages to your group, department, class or organization. Google Groups require an owner with a Binghamton University email

Listserv & Google Groups

Listservs and Google Groups are used as a tool for collaboration and sharing of information. They are used by people who communicate often to a specific population. ... email address. To log into Google Groups go to (if you have multiple accounts make sure you see the Binghamton University logo at the top right corner) Audience

Install Google Workspace Sync for Outlook

Install Google Workspace Sync for Outlook ... google ... For those who prefer to use Microsoft Outlook to manage email messages, Google provides Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook (formerly known as G-Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook) to view your

Delete Email Messages in Outlook

Overview Binghamton University email uses Google Workspace for Education as our email service provider but many use Outlook to view and manage their email messages. Microsoft Support Article on

Google Workspace Storage

google ... Storage Limits Google recently announced new storage limits for Google Workspace for Education (formerly known as G Suite for Education). Currently, Binghamton University Google accounts have

Compromised Accounts

Binghamton University email accounts are periodically compromised and used to send spam messages. Sometimes the account holders notice the activity. Other times, ITS or Google identifies spamming or

Delegate access to shared email account

The recommended method for giving another person access to a shared email account is by "delegating" access to the user. This can by done by following the steps below: Log into the shared Gmail

Google 2-Step Verification - International Travel Recommendations

This article provides Google 2-Step Verification information and options for international travelers to avoid getting locked out of their Bmail address. ... google ... you access your Bmail’s Google 2-Step Verification settings in case you’d like to add another device to your account when you arrive at your destination – such as a phone you might purchase while

Send Mail As Binghamton email address from Google after 2-Step Verification enabled

google ... Account. You will then see a message that you need to confirm the credentials. An email message with a confirmation code was sent to your Binghamton email. Check your messages in the Binghamton

How to check that you have successfully enrolled in Google 2-Step Verification

google ... receive a voice call or text message to complete the enrollment. Here is a screen shot of the Google Account settings screen on a mobile device: If during any of these steps, you are

Google 2-Step Verification - First-Time Setup and Managing Devices

This article provides step-by-step instructions for enabling Google 2-Step Verification on a person's Bmail address, and managing devices later on. ... see a device listed on this page, that’s perfect! You’ll be in great shape to receive Google 2-Step prompts and text messages for your 2-Step account. If you don’t see any device listed, that’s fine as

Brightspace: Creating and Grading Google Assignments in your Brightspace course

google ... Account to Brightspace. If this is your first Google assignment, a pop-up window will ask you to confirm you would like to link your Google account to Brightspace. Click Link.  5. Add the