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Microsoft Office 365 Access

Instructions for downloading Microsoft Office 365. ... microsoft ... Overview Microsoft Office 365 is available to all current students, faculty and staff at Binghamton University. This software is free of charge and is available for download on personal computers

Microsoft Office 365 Assistance

Fix "Your account doesn’t allow editing on a Mac"

What causes the error? Here are the reasons you might get this message: Microsoft doesn’t recognize your Office 365 license. There are corrupt files in your Mac’s Library folder. To

Install Google Workspace Sync for Outlook

For those who prefer to use Microsoft Outlook to manage email messages, Google provides Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook (formerly known as G-Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook) to view your

OneDrive - Download OneDrive Data

Instructions for downloading folders and files from a Binghamton University Microsoft OneDrive account. ... Overview This article provides instructions for a Binghamton University (BU) individual to download folders or files that they've saved to a BU Microsoft OneDrive account. This is useful if you'd

Virtual Desktop (BingView)

software, and statistical, math and engineering packages such as Matlab, SPSS, STATA, SAS, Atlas.Ti, NVivo, Creo, and Microsoft Office, among others. VDI allows ITS to deliver desktops on demand to

Identity & Access Management

are implemented using a variety of in-house and third-party licensed technologies such as LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, etc. ITS Binghamton University Account Policy Information:  Website

Using Google Drive App in the Binghamton Public Computing Labs (Windows)

the Google disk space as Drive G: and provides access from any web connected device. To start the Google Drive App: Click Start (Microsoft Logo, lower left corner) In search bar type Google

Software & Applications

macOS. Unix/Linux ITS recommends the latest version of Ubuntu.  Desktop Software Microsoft Office Pro Plus ITS installs Microsoft Office Pro Plus on University-owned computers.  Adobe

3D Scanning

What are 3D Scanners? There are multiple types of 3D Scanners for different purposes. However, any device that has the capability to assess and measure the physical world with the use of lasers

Virtual Reality

What is Virtual Reality? Virtual Reality is a three-dimensional, computer generated environment; which you can look around 360 degrees, just like the real world. The user wears a VR headset with a