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Listserv Quick Tips

configuration from off campus and you do not have a Binghamton University VPN login, please contact an owner who has access or contact the Help Desk for assistance. Quick Tips for Members of a

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Add or remove Listserv Owners

have a Binghamton University VPN login, please contact an owner who has access or contact the Help Desk for assistance. Listserv Login Log on by entering your Binghamton email address that is a

Google 2-Step Verification - International Travel Recommendations

Travelers Click Show/Hide to View --> When traveling, much of a person’s Binghamton University work requires access to a Bmail address. This is especially true when traveling internationally

2FA - Setting up the Step Two App (Mac Computers Only)

Overview Step Two is an application that installs on your Mac OS device and produces a 6-digit code for you to use in Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).  Setting Up the Step Two App Visit


Overview Information and where to reach out for information onBSuccessful. BSuccessful Scheduling Students looking to schedule or reschedule an appointment

How do I find my B number?

Overview A B-Number is the primary identification number for faculty, staff and students at Binghamton University. How do I find my B number You can find your B number by logging into Bu

Alumni lifetime email claim/reset password

Overview Alumni email account requests and password resets are handled through the Alumni Office. To request a Binghamton University Alumni email account    Go to the Binghamton University

Printing to PaperCut

following steps for setup and print driver installation.   Access the Windows 10 Run Desktop App by searching for it in the Search box or Cortana in Windows 10:   Open the Run App and type the

Personal Device Repair

my laptop that are accessed in regard to the service provided by Information Technology Services. If an Information Technology Services employee sees anything illegal on my laptop, they may be

Delete Email Messages in Outlook

access the Deleted Items folder to view messages you have deleted. By default they are held in the Deleted Items Folder for 30 days, but you can manually or automatically empty the contents of the

Secondary Account Change

Account Questions

Virtual Private Network