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Student Computer Recommendations

10.15 (Catalina) Processor Intel i5 or Equivalent Intel i5 or Equivalent Memory 8GB 8GB Hard-Drive 256GB Hard-Drive 256GB Hard-Drive

Apple Mail App on iPhone or iPad does not receive new messages after 2-Step Verification enabled

google ... Google accounts. To solve this problem, delete the Binghamton email account on the iPhone or iPad and add it again. Delete and Add Binghamton email account in iOS Mail App On your iPhone, go to

How to Reset Your Binghamton University Password(s)

will display the results of the password reset. Only the systems applicable to your role with the University will indicate "Success". Faculty, staff and students should see BU and Google account success

Computer Labs

locations in which to work. All computers in the labs  require your Binghamton Username and Password to log in. Once you've logged in, you will be able to connect to your network storage accounts

2D/3D Editing & Design

edit raster or vector images, the differences between them, and which is best suited for your needs. The ETS currently offers: Adobe Creative Cloud Suite: Adobe Photoshop Adobe

Compromised Accounts

Binghamton University email accounts are periodically compromised and used to send spam messages. Sometimes the account holders notice the activity. Other times, ITS or Google identifies spamming or

Connect to BingWEB using a CMD|Terminal Window

Overview Instructions for an image will be below it. The nomenclature for the less-than and greater-than symbols... < user will replace or enter a value

Telephone & Voicemail

) system, which you can interact with using the Connect client desktop application (Windows and Mac), or the Google Chrome extension. The Connect software allows you to set options, see call logs, listen

3D Scanning

, lights or x-rays and generates dense point clouds or polygon meshes is to be considered a 3D scanner. ETS has an array of 3D Scanners including the NextEngine and DAVID scanner. Depending on the nature

Virtual Server Request

Submit a request for the creation of a new virtual server, the modification of an existing virtual server, or the deletion of an unused virtual server. NOTE:  Submission of this request does not

Faculty UShare Request

Delegate access to shared email account

link, they will see the account listed when they click on their Google Account icon in Gmail. They will need to click on the Delegated account in the list of accounts and a new tab will open for the

Mail Merge using Word and Outlook

How to mail merge with Outlook, Excel and Word Open Outlook. If you don’t already have your Binghamton Google email in Outlook, refer to the knowledge article on how to use the Google Workspace

Computer Hardware Recycling (E-Waste)

deemed worth re-using, all precautions are taken to ensure that all prior owner data is deleted/erased and the hard drive(s) are reformatted. If it is determined that the equipment is not worthy of re