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VPN - Install/Upgrade Ivanti Secure Access (Formerly Pulse Secure) and Connect to the VPN

Learn how to download and install Ivanti Secure Access (formerly Pulse Secure), then connect to the Binghamton University VPN. ... pulse ... that icon and go to step 3 below. On the other hand, if you see a "Pulse Secure" program icon, please upgrade the program using the instructions in the "Install/Upgrade Ivanti Secure Access

Ivanti Secure Access Client (formerly Pulse Secure VPN client) - Overview

page. To use a remote desktop app or to access an application or system that is restricted while you are off campus, install the Ivanti Secure Access Client. (The VPN client at Binghamton University was

SAS account and install


Data Drop Install Request


Install Google Workspace Sync for Outlook

Install Google Workspace Sync for Outlook ... and setting calendar or account permissions among others must still be completed by logging into Before downloading and installing Google Workspace Sync, make sure

How do I access BingView?

: NOTE:  To access BingView from the student network, or from Off-Campus, users must first connect to the Pulse Secure VPN. Go to Select "Install VMware

Remote Access (VPN)

Pulse Secure client at   Contact the ITS Help Desk at (607) 777-6420 or Submit a Request for additional assistance.

Software & Applications

package that is available on campus. Faculty use SAS for academic and research purposes. SAS must be installed on a University owned computer.  Pulse Secure VPN Binghamton University provides

Add or remove Listserv Owners

Pulse Secure VPN first. If you own a Listserv and need to update the owners or configuration from off campus and you do not

Minitab Installation for Windows

Minitab Installer After downloading the Minitab installer file to your computer, browse to the download location and run the Minitab installer. During the installation, you will be asked to activate

Connect to BingWEB using a CMD|Terminal Window

. ssh <username>   You will be prompted for your BU password (as used for Pulse and/or CAS).   This is a text only environment, one you will often find in

Canned Queries Dashboards Assistance

in mind if working remotely, the user needs to establish a VPN/Pulse session to get to this link). Canned queries are currently available for a number of categories, including: Student

Research Support

Secure Data Storage) Audience Faculty Staff Students Location(s) Technology Hub   Contact the ITS Help Desk at (607) 777-6420 or Submit a Request for additional assistance.

Server Colocation

to provide secure remote and/or physical access to manage the server.  Audience Faculty Staff Location(s) Technology Hub Contact the ITS Help Desk at (607) 777-6420 or Submit a Request for additional assistance.

Network & Connectivity Management

resources and the internet are provided, and all interior building spaces are covered with a secure wireless (Wi-Fi) signal that can be utilized by any faculty, staff or student with a valid account