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How do I access BingView?

Instructions for accessing BingView, Binghamton University's Virtual Desktop environment. ... bingview ... Overview BingView is Binghamton University's Virtual Desktop Environment that provides access to specialized applications on and off-campus.    To access BingView follow the steps below

Virtual Desktop (BingView)

Bingview/VDI is Binghamton University's Virtual Desktop environment. ... bingview ... Service Description Bingview is Binghamton University's Virtual Desktop environment. It can be accessed by going to It provides access University licensed

Report a Bingview Issue

Report an issue with BingView.

Virtual Desktop (BingView) Assistance

Elevated Account Access Request

Request additional access/elevated account permissions for a Binghamton University account. ... , special VPN permissions, BingView, etc. if an account does not already have access to those services.  Please be aware, ITS will only consider elevated account permissions requests submitted by

How to access Zoom

Ways to access your Binghamton Zoom Account ... You can access Zoom through several methods Web Browser You can access your Binghamton University Zoom account through a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) by going to https

Data Center Access

Request physical access to one of the ITS data centers/server rooms. ... Service Description ITS grants physical access to the data centers/server rooms through a request and approval process. Audience Faculty Staff Location(s) Technology Hub Contact the ITS Help Desk at (607) 777-6420 or Submit a Request for additional assistance.

Genetec Administrative Access

Remote Access (VPN)

Information Technology Services provides remote access for users who are working/learning remotely to campus resources. ... Service Description Information Technology Services provides a secure, tunneled connection to the Binghamton University Network from off campus. This can be used for connections such as Remote

Identity & Access Management

Essentially, account creation and access. Ensuring that the proper people have appropriate access to Binghamton University IT services. ... Service Description Identity and Access Management (IAM) describes the processes, standards, practices, and technologies that allow the proper people and entities to access appropriate Binghamton

Door Access Management

Information Technology Services maintains a door access system to provide access to University owned & leased spaces. ... Service Description Information Technology Services maintains a door access system to provide access to University owned & leased spaces. The access control (door access) system is made up of

Remote Desktop Access

Information Technology Services allows approved users to connect to their computer using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). This is an elevated account access, and is only provided when requested by a Binghamton University employee with a valid business need, and approved by Information Security.

Microsoft Office 365 Access

on personal computers and devices. Access to this license will be available until  a student graduates, or when a faculty or staff member leaves the university, with the exception of emeritus faculty

Managing Access to Research Storage

access-management ... Overview This article provides information an adding or removing access to Research Storage. Article Topics: Describe research storage roles: Administrators and Members How to add

Google Workspace Apps Access