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Transfer Google Account messages or content

To transfer your messages and or Google Drive content to another Google account, sign into using the account you want to Transfer from, click on the Binghamton University

2FA or Google 2-step Assistance

Delete Email Messages in Google Web

google ... Overview Binghamton University email uses Google Workspace for Education as our email service provider. Many functions for managing messages for Binghamton University email accounts (BMail) are

Modify/Request Cardholder Group

Google Calendar- Add the Binghamton University Academic Calendar

Add the Binghamton University Academic Calendar to your Google Calendar ... google ... To add the Binghamton University Academic Calendar to your Google Calendar: 1. Log into 2. Click on the Google apps icon in the upper right next to the Binghamton

Google 2-Step Verification - International Travel Recommendations

This article provides Google 2-Step Verification information and options for international travelers to avoid getting locked out of their Bmail address. ... google ... Overview This article contains Binghamton University recommendations and instructions to help an individual get past their Google 2-Step Verification in order to log in to a Bmail address when

Brightspace: Creating and Grading Google Assignments in your Brightspace course

google ... You have two options for adding a Google Assignment to Brightspace - creating a link in a content area or adding a link to an assignment. Table of Contents Option 1: Creating a Google

Using Google Drive App in the Binghamton Public Computing Labs (Windows)

google ... The Google Drive App is on the public computers in the Binghamton Public Computer Labs and Classrooms.  This leverages the storage for Binghamton University students on Google.  The Drive app maps

Google 2-Step Verification - First-Time Setup and Managing Devices

This article provides step-by-step instructions for enabling Google 2-Step Verification on a person's Bmail address, and managing devices later on. ... Overview This article contains Binghamton University instructions for enabling Google’s 2-Step Verification service on a Bmail address. Google 2-Step Verification is only used for logging in to

How to check that you have successfully enrolled in Google 2-Step Verification

google ... Overview Binghamton University requires 2-Step Verification for Binghamton email (Google Workspace) accounts. For detailed instructions for setting up your 2-Step Verification, please follow these

Send Mail As Binghamton email address from Google after 2-Step Verification enabled

google ... Overview When 2-Step Verification is enabled for your Binghamton University email account, you will need an App Password to use the Send Mail As setting within a Gmail account. Google

Email & Collaboration

Binghamton University provides Email, Calendar, Contacts, Cloud Storage, and Chat through Google Workspace for Education. ... google ... Service Description Binghamton University has partnered with Google to provide our students, faculty, and staff with access to the powerful communication and collaboration services available under

Common Service Access by Affiliation

Sponsored Groups Sponsored and volunteer group affiliations are somewhat unique in that they could have varying levels of access. For example, some volunteer affiliations (i.e. Visiting Researcher

Turnitin Draft Coach

google ... Information Technology Services has added Turnitin’s Draft Coach product to Binghamton’s Google Doc Extensions for all to use. This plagiarism checking add-on allows anyone to run a report that will

Grading with Turnitin and Text-to-Speech Assistive Technology

Explains work around if using Read&Write for Google Chrome with Turnitin Feedback Studio ... google ... It has been discovered that students' submissions to Turnitin are not easily read by text-to-speech assistive technology. This was discovered this through our licensing of the Google Chrome extension