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Virtual Desktop (BingView)

Bingview/VDI is Binghamton University's Virtual Desktop environment. ... bingview ... Service Description Bingview is Binghamton University's Virtual Desktop environment. It can be accessed by going to It provides access University licensed

BingView FAQ

Overview Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about BingView Virtual Desktop BingView FAQ Q: Who can access the Virtual Desktop? A: Active students, faculty, and staff

Virtual Desktop (BingView) Assistance

Report a Bingview Issue

Report an issue with BingView.

How do I access BingView?

Instructions for accessing BingView, Binghamton University's Virtual Desktop environment. ... bingview ... Overview BingView is Binghamton University's Virtual Desktop Environment that provides access to specialized applications on and off-campus.    To access BingView follow the steps below

Common Service Access by Affiliation

? BingView (VDI/virtual desktop infrastructure) YES Individual virtual machine access may vary by department. Brightspace YES Campus Computer Logon

Software & Applications

macOS. Unix/Linux ITS recommends the latest version of Ubuntu.  Desktop Software Microsoft Office Pro Plus ITS installs Microsoft Office Pro Plus on University-owned computers.  Adobe

Minitab Installation for Windows

Authentication (2FA) for CAS.     You will now have access to use Minitab. Your access to Minitab will work the same on the Virtual Desktop. Open Minitab and choose the option to Sign In