Infrastructure & Systems

Networking, Wifi, VPN, Servers, etc. troubleshooting and requests.

Services (11)

Campus Provided Cable TV

Binghamton University offers both Spectrum Cable and Spectrum U Streaming services to on campus students.

Data Center Services

Information Technology Services maintains data centers at two locations that have redundant systems for power, data, and cooling.

Database Management

The University uses several types of database platforms to support day to day campus student and business needs.

Door Access Management

Information Technology Services maintains a door access system to provide access to University owned & leased spaces.

Firewall Management

Provides security protection at the network level for applications, servers, databases and networks.

Network & Connectivity Management

Information Technology Services is responsible for maintaining the high-speed data network that spans the Binghamton University campuses.

Panic Alarms

Install and manage a panic alarm in a Binghamton University building or room.

Remote Access (VPN)

Information Technology Services provides remote access for users who are working/learning remotely to campus resources.

Server & Storage Management

Information Technology Services utilizes a suite of products to support virtual infrastructure needs across the campus.

Video Management System

ITS provides security cameras for University owned and leased spaces.