Brightspace: Known Issues

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The student email address appears for faculty/staff members

The student email address is scripted to be the preferred email in Banner/BU Brain. If faculty/staff have a student email address then this email address will be transferred into Brightspace as their email address. If you do not want your student email to be used in Brightspace then please reach out to You can request that they change your email address in Brightspace or ask to have your student email address deleted. The preferred email in BUBrain cannot be changed because there are scripts that run each night to ensure that the student address is used there.  

Issues with Imported Test Questions 

After importing a test from Blackboard please thoroughly check each question before students take it. There are currently some behaviors to be on the lookout for with Blackboard to Brightspace test question conversions. These issues cannot be fixed retroactively once a quiz has been taken.


  • Matching Question Types: If you are importing matching questions then be sure to edit each of them in Brightspace. The default grading setting is "All or Nothing". This means if they miss one match then the whole question is marked wrong. This isn't the way that most instructors grade matching Question Types. This setting cannot be changed once the quiz has submissions. Please edit these questions before giving your test in Brightspace. 


  • Calculated / Formula Question Types: If you used this question type in myCourses it is converting to a short answer question type in Brightspace. This does not allow for any tolerances. Brightspace knows of this behavior and has not fixed it yet. 


  • Images are not being included in the questions that they belong to. If a question had an image in Blackboard that image will not be there when you look at the question in Brightspace. The images are in the Blackboard Export file but are no longer in the quiz question.
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