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Microsoft Office 365 Access

information. Create, edit, and save files online. Save to OneDrive. Files can be downloaded but will be in read only when downloaded locally.    Troubleshooting: Microsoft's 365 Installation

Download Google Content Using Google Takeout

program installation is necessary. You should make note of the storage requirements for the content you are downloading to make sure you have enough hard drive space to download and extract your files

VPN - Install/Upgrade Ivanti Secure Access (Formerly Pulse Secure) and Connect to the VPN

during the installation. If so, save any work in the specified program, and then press any continue or retry button you see. Let the installation complete, and click “Finish

Hardware Lifecycle Services

Information Technology Services provides quotes, installation, and recycling for University owned computer hardware. ... Service Description Information Technology Services provides support for the full life cycle of University owned computer hardware, including quotes for Dell and Apple hardware and electronics