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Report Wired Network Issue

A wired ethernet jack is available in all academic and administrative offices for use by Faculty and Staff. In the residence halls one wired ethernet jack is provided in each dormitory room and in most common rooms.

Report Wireless Network Issue

eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide wireless internet access service developed for the international research and education community. Visual Class Roster

classlist ... Services tab under Class Listings and uses data from the ID card system to provide a visual roster. If you are a current faculty member, log in with your CAS credentials to see photos of students enrolled in your course. The visual roster is available online only and does not allow hard copy printouts.

Brightspace: Course Availability - Student Info

Students cannot see their registered courses in Brightspace until the first day of classes for the semester unless the instructor changes the availability dates to an earlier date.  Your official

Student Printing Credit

Students can request a print credit if there was an issue with their print job.

Student Printer Supplies

Request supplies for student printers in the Print@Binghamton system.

Student Information System (Banner)

Banner is the Student Information System for tracking student information including grades, status, etc. ... Service Description Banner is the primary student information system at Binghamton University, State University of New York, offering information access for students, faculty, and staff

Brightspace: Enrolling People into your Class

classlist ... 1. In Brightspace Learning Environment, navigate to your course. 2. On the navbar, click Classlist. 3. From the Add Participants drop-down menu, select Add existing users. 4. Enrollment

Faculty/Staff Printing - Connect to a Network Printer on Taboo

This article contains instructions for any Binghamton University faculty or staff member that would like to connect their Windows or Mac computer to a network printer that ITS manages on the Taboo (\\ print server. ... Overview This article contains instructions for any Binghamton University faculty or staff member that would like to connect their Windows or Mac computer to a network printer that ITS manages on

System-Level Student VPN Access

Allow/modify/remove student access to a system or service that they don't normally have access to through a VPN connection. ... Service Description Information Technology Services allows employees to request that students be provided with access to various systems through the VPN that students don't normally have access

Connecting smart TVs, game consoles, smart speakers, streaming media devices, etc. to the network

USE MYDEVICES TO REGISTER GAMING DEVICES The unencrypted wireless network mydevicesbing is available for gaming devices, Smart TV, Roku, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, Amazon Echo and other devices

Research Support

Secure Data Storage) Audience Faculty Staff Students Location(s) Technology Hub   Contact the ITS Help Desk at (607) 777-6420 or Submit a Request for additional assistance.

Common Service Access by Affiliation

may vary by affiliation or dept. Student Individual Network Drive (UShare or U: Drive) NO You can request a student UShare/U: drive at: Faculty UShare Request

Repair Loaner Laptop Request

ITS manages a fleet of loaner laptop computers for short term use by faculty, staff and students. ... you connect to your network storage drive, Google Drive or a removable disk drive to access and save files. Avoid saving files on the loaner computer. Technical Support and ITS are not responsible for

Google Drive

Students, faculty and staff receive Google Drive storage. ... storage