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Report a VPN Issue

Delete Email Messages in Google Web

similar to Gmail including how to delete messages. To view Google documentation about deleting messages see their instructions available from this link   Instructions for deleting based on

OneDrive - Download OneDrive Data

Instructions for downloading folders and files from a Binghamton University Microsoft OneDrive account. ... Overview This article provides instructions for a Binghamton University (BU) individual to download folders or files that they've saved to a BU Microsoft OneDrive account. This is useful if you'd

Student Information System (Banner)

Banner is the Student Information System for tracking student information including grades, status, etc. ... determine what level of access will be needed to perform job duties. Supervisors of new employees will initiate the access process. Use of xTender may be needed to view documents (such as completed and

VMWare on MAC Issue

Steps to take on resolving Keyboard and Mouse input not being recognized in VMWare on MacOS. ... monitoring.   This is found by going to System preferences. Then choosing Security & Privacy. Scroll down to Input Monitoring and click on it. Now to make changes click on the lock in the lower

Disable/Remove an Account

Service Description Where appropriate, Information Technologies Services can disable, or in extreme cases, remove/delete a Binghamton University account. The Information Security Office thoroughly

Setting up an email backup option for CAS 2FA

-Password via email. To use the email option: Access a system that uses the CAS login such as,, the Library databases, etc. Log in with your user name and password

Brightspace: Known Issues

import ... as their email address. If you do not want your student email to be used in Brightspace then please reach out to You can request that they change your email address in

Report Wireless Network Issue

eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide wireless internet access service developed for the international research and education community.

Report an Account Issue

Fix "Your account doesn’t allow editing on a Mac"

What causes the error? Here are the reasons you might get this message: Microsoft doesn’t recognize your Office 365 license. There are corrupt files in your Mac’s Library folder. To

New Installation Request

New Card Access Door Reader Estimate and Install

Report Wired Network Issue

A wired ethernet jack is available in all academic and administrative offices for use by Faculty and Staff. In the residence halls one wired ethernet jack is provided in each dormitory room and in most common rooms.

Brightspace: Adding TAs to Cross-Listed or Merged Courses in Brightspace

in the other sections. Some instructors want TAs to access only one section of a merged or cross-listed course while others would prefer that the TA has the ability to access all sections in the merged

Door / Cardholder Activity Reporting Request